How to Improve your IELTS Results

To do the best you can in your IELTS test, you need to develop and apply certain techniques and skills.  Generally, it is important that you develop a good ability to work well under pressure, have good time management skills … Continued

Extending Student Visas

If you have been studying in Australia and your course is about to finish, you may wish to extend your visa to study another course. In order to do this you will need to: Obtain a Certificate of Enrolment for … Continued

Accommodation Tips

Finding accommodation for your new study life in Australia can be difficult if you are overseas or just don’t know the territory. Some things to look out for when selecting student accommodation: Are there any social activities as part of … Continued

457 Minimum Salary Amount

We are often asked by employers about the TSMIT – The Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold – and how they have to pay 457 sponsored employees at least that amount (c.$54k).   It is important to remember that the TSMIT … Continued

Sponsorship Obligations for 457 visas

Any employer that sponsors a foreign worker on a 457 visa will need to satisfy a number of obligations to the Department of Immigration. If any of the obligations are not met, the Department may issue penalties. These penalties range … Continued