What course should I study to get PR?

We hear this question at least 10 times a day.  It seems to be the question of every potential student visa holder and student visa holder alike.  The answer to the question contains some good news and some bad news… … Continued

IELTS Tips & Tricks

The number one problem people have with IELTS tests is answering well under pressure. It is important to prepare for your test because the more you prepare the less anxiety you will feel in the test and the better you … Continued

How do I get an Employer Sponsor?

If Independent or Family Sponsored skilled visas are not available you will need to secure an Employer to sponsor you for a visa to migrate to Australia. The latest raft of changes before the election last year has made it … Continued

No further stay condition on Student Visas

All student visas may be subject to a no further stay condition. Primarily this is the 8534 condition. If imposed on a student visa, it means the student cannot apply for another visa whilst in Australia. ie. the student must … Continued

How much evidence do I need?

Did you know that once you lodge your application the case officer can refuse at any time? Sounds unfair right? The only time case officers are required to provide you with a ‘warning’ that they may refuse is when they … Continued

How to Sponsor a 457 worker

Before we begin, let me just point out that often the 457 is NOT the best visa to use to sponsor a worker on. This is because the 457 visa carries some more obligations and costs for the sponsoring business … Continued