Changes to the Partner Visa process from 1st Jul 2017

  From 1st July 2017 the Department of Immigration and Border Protection has plans to introduce stricter sponsorship requirements to the current Partner visa program. Sponsors of Partner visa applicants will be required to lodge and have approved a compulsory … Continued

Including dependants on your visa application

Including dependants on your visa application

The Department of Immigration recently made changes to regulations regarding who is classified as a member of the family unit. (MoFU) These changes can have a significant impact on who can be included in most visa applications lodged on and … Continued

Budget Impacts Summary

Immigration Changes from Federal Budget 2017-2018   With the 2017-18 budget being presented by the Federal Government on the 9th May comes more changes to the Immigration policy, fees and visa application charges. In brief the following changes have been … Continued