We are committed to being the best.

At PAX Migration Australia, all of our services are quality controlled to ensure each and every one of our clients receives only the best possible experience.

Get the IELTS test result you need

The success of any IELTS Preparation program depends on the quality of the teacher
Our teachers are the best. We hand picked them to teach our courses
Course structure is almost as important as the quality of the teacher
Our courses are designed by the best in the business to ensure your training program is the best you can get

Get the training when you need it

We know you are busy.
We offer flexible course times to fit in with your busy schedule

Personal training

We know a lot of our clients require a more personal approach.
Our class sizes are kept to under 15, and our courses are especially designed to be student-centric.

Save money

Using a single provider for each service will cost more.
Use our Visa Service or Education Agency and save even more money on your IELTS Preparation classes