Finally, aged care providers will be able to sponsor carers under a new carer visa labour agreement announced by the Minister for Immigration on 8th March 2019. Labour agreements allow individual businesses to access special concessions in the immigration rules. An industry labour agreement allows businesses to apply for a labour agreement using a template that has been agreed by the Minister already. This is what has happened here, and so businesses within the aged care industry will be able to access the labour agreement to sponsor carers under the terms of that established industry labour agreement.

The announcement makes it clear that aged care providers who can show they have a genuine vacancy of a full time carer position, and cannot fill that vacancy with an Australian citizen or permanent resident, will be able to sponsor qualified and experienced carers for a TSS visa or permanent ENS visa.

This is great news for carers, aged care providers and their clients!

The details of this new carer visa are yet to be provided but we expect most of the regulations that apply to TSS and ENS visas to remain. That is, we do expect the business will be required to:

  • Advertise to try and fill the position with an Australian citizen or permanent resident first
  • Meet Australian Market Salary Rates
  • Demonstrate a genuine need for a full-time carer for the requisite period
  • Demonstrate financial capacity to support the nomination
  • Have no adverse history with Immigration

And we do expect visa applicants to be required to meet all other aspects of the TSS and ENS visa requirements, as applicable:

  • English levels
  • Work experience requirements (two or three years)
  • Appropriate qualifications (or work experience in lieu)
  • Potential skills assessment requirements

We expect the agreement to require applicants to utilise the TSS visa first and apply for a PR carer visa after three years.

We expect to hear more information very soon regarding the details of the agreement. You can read the Minister’s announcement here.

For more information about how you can be eligible for this carer visa, or to sponsor carers in your business, please contact us today to book your consultation.