We will help you get your Australian visa

Visa Types

We prepare applications on behalf of clients for all visas except protection visas:

  • Skilled (Employer Sponsored, State Sponsored and Independent)
  • Partner
  • Parent and other family
  • Student and Graduate
  • Visitor & Working Holiday
  • Bridging
  • Medical
  • Business & Investment

Our Process

Our process at PAX Migration Australia always starts with an initial consultation. This can be done in one of 3 ways:

1.      Face to face meeting in our Adelaide city office
2.      Video Conference (eg. Skype)
3.      Telephone Call


The reason we always start with a consultation is because we need to be sure we have chosen the most optimal visa for your migration goals by looking at these factors:

  • What the likelihood of approval will be
  • Potential issues that need to be overcome
  • The costs of each type of visa available
  • What conditions may be imposed
  • How long each visa may take to be approved

The fee for a consultation always comes off the agency fee for the visa application.


These are the 3 stages:

1 Consultation & Strategy   +
2 Prepare visa Application   +
3 Monitor Progress of Application   +

Our Fees

Consultation Fee 

Our fee for a consultation is $190.00. In exchange for this fee, we will:

  • Explain the criteria for you to receive a visa including any relevant policy or case law
  • Identify important milestones and dates
  • Provide guidance on how long the whole process will take
  • Explain the costs involved
  • Explain what type of evidence will be required

The consultation fee is always credited against any visa application fee.


Visa Application Case Management Fee

PAX Migration Australia is committed to providing value to our clients at every step of the way. Therefore, we have committed to all of our professional fees being within the average industry fee range. In fact most of our fees fall within the lower part of these ranges, just ask us for a quick quote! 

While our fees can vary depending on the complexity of each case we will always provide you with a full quote at your consultation. We can also provide a reasonably reliable quote prior to your consultation so you know what fees are in store well in advance of beginning your relationship with us.


For each visa application we always:

  • Identify all required documents for visa application and grant
  • Ensure that each document meets the standard demanded by the Australian Government
  • Analyse the law and policy to provide you with advice on the legal complexities applicable to your case
  • Assist with completion of forms so that you don’t waste time filling multiple or unnecessary form
  • Lodge and monitor your application with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection
  • Ensure that your application follows the right procedure required by Australian law
  • Argue your case to the Australian Government through written and oral submissions
  • Answer any questions you may have throughout the process

If you are a student, we can reduce your student visa fee significantly if you use our Education Agency service to attain your Certificate of Enrolment. We can also offer discounts on our IELTS Preparation courses for our visa application clients.