Which visa is right for you? There are over 140 different individual visa types in Australia.

Pick a visa, any visa

With over 140 different types of visas, it can be a little daunting trying to pick the right one for you. Often, people are eligible for many different types of visas. What is the right visa for one person is not necessarily the best visa for another. An experienced consultant is able to take your circumstances and your goals, and devise a strategy that places you with the most optimal visa types for you.

  • + Resident Return Visa

  • + Medical Treatment Visa

  • + Visitor Visa

  • + Other Family Visas

  • + Parent Visa

  • + Bridging Visas

  • + Working Holiday Visa

  • + Graduate Visa

  • + Training Visa

  • + Temporary Activities Visa

  • + 400 Short Stay

At PAX Migration we provide a full service case management for all visa and citizenship applicants. We ensure our clients navigate the various milestones and criteria for grant, as well as develop adequate documentary evidence for grant of the visa without delay.

Some of the things we do when we handle your visa process for you:

  • Develop a strategy – we make sure you are applying for the best visa for you and that you will meet the requirements when the time comes to lodge your application
  • Map out your roadmap to PR and ultimately citizenship if that is desired
  • Complete analysis of visa eligibility
  • Tailored guidance on how to obtain the documentary evidence for your application
  • Guidance on police checks, sponsor applications and health checks including when to arrange for them
  • Guidance on bridging visas (for our onshore clients) and work conditions on visas
  • Lodgement of your application on time and complete before any deadline
  • Deal with the Department of Immigration on your behalf