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Visa Services Visa Services

We prepare visa applications on behalf of clients for all visas except protection visas. Our experienced migration agents know how to lodge complete applications that give you the best chance of obtaining your visa without delays.

Visa Appeals Visa Appeals

If you have had an application refused or a visa cancelled, we can help. Our specialist migration agent handles visa appeals at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal. We also prepare appeals directly to the Minister personally.

Employer Sponsorship Employer Sponsorship

Do you employ foreign workers in Australia? We can take care of your sponsorship and compliance. We can also prepare labour agreement submissions for your business.

International Students International Students

Are you currently studying or would like to study in Australia? We provide ongoing support for international students in Adelaide, South Australia.

Our process

Our process always starts with an initial consultation. This allows us to gather all the information we need to properly advise you about your visa options.

This can be done in one of 3 ways:

Video Conference (Zoom/Teams)
Telephone Call

Our promise to you

  • We will protect your confidentiality and privacy
  • We will make the process as easy as possible for you
  • We will be transparent about our fees
  • We are local! Experienced migration agent in Adelaide

We handle all visa types except humanitarian visas. We are migration agents who have experience and specialised expertise in employer sponsorship, state sponsorship, partner visas, other family visas, appealsbusiness visas and more.

When we represent you, we promise to do everything in our power to achieve you the result you want. And we will always make sure you receive excellent value from our services.

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Engaging a high quality, experienced migration agent is the single most effective step you can take to ensure your visa is granted and the process of migration is the least stressful that it can be. The work of a migration agent involves a complex process of identifying what immigration options are available and constructing an application with supporting documentation to convince decision makers that the visa should be granted. Often the process involves subjective factors – things that are not clear cut and require the judgement of a case officer- things like whether a relationship is genuine, or a sponsor has genuinely tried to find a local worker, or a skilled migrant has completed skilled work experience at the level required of the occupation. These aspects require careful analysis and compilation of supporting evidence to avoid that nasty scenario when incorrect or unhelpful information is provided leading to a refusal. Information is power. Most people that deal with immigration for the first time have little knowledge of immigration laws. This leads them to make avoidable mistakes, which can have snowball effects on a person’s chances of obtaining a visa to Australia. A good migration agent Adelaide will have deep knowledge of immigration law and practice, to avoid mistakes and navigate the maze as efficiently and risk free as possible. There are many reasons why using a migration agent is a good idea.

A PAX migration agent must complete 4 years of tertiary education and at least 3 years of work experience as an agent before being able to advise clients. Your Adelaide migration agent will be highly skilled in their particular visa category, namely: Partner visasWork visasBusiness visasStudent visas, and parent visas.

We also have an experienced migration agent able to assist clients with their Tribunal appeals – if your visa has been refused or cancelled, our migration agent in Adelaide can represent you to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal. Using a migration agent to handle your appeal is imperative to ensure you give yourself the best chance of winning and obtaining your visa. Choosing the right migration agent can be a challenge, especially when there are so many rogue operators out there! The first thing you must always do is check that the agent is registered.

You may be wondering if you need a migration agent to prepare your visa application. Fair question! Here is the answer. If you have all of these characteristics, then you would be well equipped to prepare your own visa application:

  • You have read the Migration Act 1958 (Cth) and the Migration Regulations 1994 (Cth) and understand how the visa criteria is represented legally. Remember, government websites are not law. They are frequently wrong or misleading. They simply cannot be relied upon, and that is why we always refer to the actual law contained in the Migration Act and its regulations.
  • You have paid $1100 for a subscription to and obtained access to the behind the scenes policy instructions that explains how case officers are required to interpret all of the thousands of discrete immigration laws
  • You have lots and lots of time
  • You have great comprehension skills (immigration laws are often written in a confusing way)
  • You are very organised
  • You have access to an immigration news subscription to keep up to date with law and policy changes
  • You have legal research skills to review how the Federal and High courts have addressed specific issues that arise in immigration every day

Immigration is difficult. The reason is because a lot of people apply for visas to Australia every day, a lot more than the Australian government wishes to approve. Also, the Australian government’s priority is “border protection”, so lots of hoops are created to jump through, and lots of checks are involved in the immigration process. A good migration agent knows what hoops to jump through and when, and how to shape an application from start to finish to maximise the applicant’s chances of success.

Your PAX Adelaide Migration agent helps migrants from all over the world come to Adelaide for workUniversities and higher educationbusiness investment opportunities, as well as helping Australian employers who are seeking to employ foreign labour. Our migration agents have over 30 years of experience dealing with all kinds of immigration challenges, including those involving international education and Australian employers.

At PAX Migration Australia, we are committed to continually developing our highly motivated team of professionals to ensure their subject knowledge and people skills are at the highest level they can be. We are also dedicated to professional integrity, transparency and best practice ethics excellence, so you can trust us to help your migration process succeed.

There are many advantages to using an Adelaide migration agent. First, you can meet face to face, which helps develop a personal rapport and a relationship of trust. The PAX Migration Australia office located at 91 King William Street, Adelaide, is a sanctuary from the stress and frustration of dealing with the Australian department of immigration. Your PAX Migration agent will do their best to help you stay calm, comfortable and in control, especially in difficult times like during a visa cancellation appeal.

Also, we are experts in South Australian immigration law, processes and procedures. We have a deep understanding of the state sponsorship requirements of the South Australian state government, as well as the special visas that South Australian businesses and migrants can access (such as the RSMS, Labour Agreements and 489/190 visas).

If you are based in Adelaide or considering relocating here or to any region in South Australia, then it is a good idea to choose a migration agent that has deep knowledge of local laws and regulations.

However, be careful! There are many people that pose as real agents but are not certified or registered. Only Registered Migration Agents are licensed by the Australian Government to provide immigration advice and visa services. To check if your migration agent is registered, visit the website of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA) and look up the agent by name or location. It is also wise to check if your agent is a member of the Migration Institute of Australia. The Institute upholds strict entry criteria and professional standards, ensuring all members are up to date with the latest developments in immigration law and providing the highest calibre of services. By engaging a migration institute member, you are ensuring you get the highest quality representation for your visa application.

A PAX migration agent spends countless hours honing their knowledge and skills so that clients can be assured they will receive the best service Adelaide has to offer!  We ensure your visa pathway is exhaustively analysed at the outset – so that no time is wasted going down the wrong path. Too often prospective visa applicants end up wasting months or even years needlessly because they made ill-informed decisions early on and didn’t properly explore their visa options.

PAX Migration agents front-load this process – they will spend more time at the start of the process ensuring the visa pathway is sound and optimal. Key milestones and deadlines will be set early on so the client knows exactly what their pathway looks like. By front-loading the work, we ensure applicants can achieve their immigration goals in the fastest and most direct way possible.

Recently, we have seen immigration case officers treating migrants with a great deal of disdain. If you walk into an immigration office in Australia you will be greeted by a concierge who will ask you to send an email or post your application. They rarely provide any immigration advice, and when they do, it is often wrong. The immigration agents at Departmental offices and manning the phones are not trained in immigration law. They actually seem to have been instructed to direct all enquiries to email addresses for the particular visa area that processes the visa application that is the subject of the query. For those people that don’t yet know which visa they even need to apply for, they will have to take a guess and try emailing a department somewhere, somehow. The immigration agent’s attitude to the migrant is a direct result of a toxic culture arising from the leadership of the Department of Immigration. In recent years we have heard leaders say they want immigration officers to say no more often, that is to refuse visas more often. No regard or instruction was given as to under what circumstances they should refuse, just that they should refuse more visas. Almost immediately we started seeing immigration officers refusing visas for the most ridiculous reasons, always being overturned at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT). The AAT is now overwhelmed with appellants because the Department has refused so many visas, and not in good faith. We have recently begun seeing a trend where case officers refuse visas without first sending a letter asking for further information. This is not a productive way to run an immigration programme!

We have written to the Department as well as to migration agent peak bodies in Australia to agitate for change. We are optimistic that the Department will once again improve its attitude toward migrants. In the meantime, we remain extra vigilant with all our applications to ensure that our clients do not fall victim to mean spirited decision making by immigration case officers.

PAX Migration Agents maintain strong relationships with the Department of Immigration, South Australian government and other immigration stakeholders in Adelaide, South Australia. It is our passion and commitment to help grow Adelaide with great migrants. Nothing gives our migration agents more satisfaction than seeing our clients flourish in our home state.

A PAX Migration Agent is highly skilled in immigration matters. We have specialised legal training in immigration law, as well as years of experience negotiating great outcomes for clients with the Department of Immigration (and its various incarnations over the years), South Australian government, skills assessing authorities, employers, universities and more. We represent clients at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal when their visas are cancelled or refused. We can refer clients to excellent barristers for Federal Court and High Court appeals also. We always ensure our immigration agents uphold our core values of trustworthiness, technical excellence and great customer service.

Contact PAX Migration right here in Adelaide, to see how we can help with your visa needs and get you started on your journey to South Australia today!

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