Partner Visa Services

At PAX Migration we provide a full service case management for partner visa applicants. We ensure our clients navigate the various milestones such as registration of relationships or intention to marry, bridging visas, visitor visas, gathering key relationship evidence, and key dates.

What we do for your Partner Visa application process?

There are 2 partner visa types, and there are special rules that apply whether you lodge in Australia or overseas. At PAX Migration we map your partner visa pathway in our first meeting and provide a full-service case management right up until visa grant. We ensure our clients navigate all of the various milestones required such as:

  • identifying key dates when you become eligible to apply
  • notice of intention to marry or registration of de facto status (if applicable)
  • key relationship evidence required when you apply
  • applying in Australia vs overseas
  • obtaining visitor visas or other bridging visas

Some of the things we do when handling your Spouse Visa:

  • Develop a strategy – we make sure you are applying for the best visa for you and that you will meet the requirements when the time comes to lodge your application
  • Tailored guidance on how to obtain the documentary evidence for your application
  • Careful review of all documents to ensure you meet the standards required under Department policy for partner visa evidence
  • Provide guidance to prepare your personal statutory declarations and review them for consistency and completeness
  • Guidance on police checks, sponsor applications and health checks including when to arrange for them
  • Guidance on bridging visas (for our onshore clients) and visitor visas (for our offshore clients) (separate lodgement fees may apply)
  • Guidance on registration of de facto relationships (for de facto applicants)
  • Lodgement of your application on time and complete before any deadline
  • Deal with the Department of Immigration on your behalf

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Partner Visa Detailed Information

Here you can find detailed information for each partner visa type. Learn all about specific eligibility requirements, costs, timing, how to apply, documents required and more.

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Partner Visas (De facto, Married or Fiance)

Only couples who are either de facto, married or engaged to be married can apply for a partner visa.

Partner (De Facto & Married) Visas

Sponsorship Required Yes
Onshore or Offshore? Either
Validity Period of Visa Permanent (after provisional period)
Work & Study Rights Yes
Key Criteria Must be in a de facto or married relationship
Registration of Relationship with state government? If in a de facto relationship

Prospective Marriage (Fiance) Visas

Sponsorship Required Yes
Onshore or Offshore? Offshore only
Validity Period of Visa 9 Months
Work & Study Rights Yes
Key Criteria Must be genuinely intending to marry
Registration of Relationship with state government? Notice of Intention to Marry

Is your relationship up to immigration standards?

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Case Studies

In order for a partner visa to be granted, the Minister must be satisfied that the applicant and sponsor are in a genuine and continuing relationship as defined by the Migration Act and its Regulations. This is a touchstone criterion- and a common theme amongst partner visa refusals. This was the situation facing Mario, whose partner visa had been refused on the grounds that he was not in a genuine married relationship with his wife, Mia.

To summarise, the sponsor provided inconsistent answers to various questions in the interview, including not knowing where the sponsor went to school, where she previously worked, key dates and other important facts expected to be known by a person of their spouse. In addition, the case officer placed little weight on evidence provided and asserted that the absence of other kinds of evidence meant the application was not genuine. What happened next? Read the full story here.