At PAX Migration we provide a full service case management for business visa applicants. We ensure our clients navigate the various milestones such as developing complete and accurate financial statements, cross-checking of financial statements and valuations with tax returns, applications for state nomination, calculation of points, investment options and requirements for Permanent Residency.

Some of the things we do when handling Business Migration to Australia:

  • Develop a strategy – we make sure you are applying for the best visa for you and that you will meet the requirements when the time comes to lodge your application as well as map out your roadmap to PR and ultimately citizenship if that is desired
  • Working with your accountants to ensure financial statements are suitable for immigration purposes
  • Analysis of points calculation to ensure you only claim points that you are able to evidence
  • Analysis of eligibility and applications for state sponsorship from any Australian state or territory
  • Complete analysis of business visa eligibility
  • Lodgement of expressions of interest in Skillselect on your behalf
  • Tailored guidance on how to obtain the documentary evidence for your application
  • Guidance on police checks, sponsor applications and health checks including when to arrange for them
  • Guidance on bridging visas (for our onshore clients) and work conditions on visas
  • Lodgement of your application on time and complete before any deadline
  • Deal with the Department of Immigration on your behalf

Which Business Visa is right for you?

There are 7 different business and investor visa types, and there are special rules that apply to South Australian (including Adelaide) business or investor visa applications. At PAX Migration we map your business visa pathway in our first meeting and provide a full service case management right up until visa grant. We ensure our clients navigate all of the various milestones required such as:

  • points test calculation
  • valuations of your assets
  • adequate financial history documentation including tax returns and financial statements
  • expression of interests
  • state nomination applications
  • business plan advice

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Business Talent

(132 Visa)

Sig Business History Venture Capital Entrepeneur
State Nomination State Nomination
< 55 Years old unless exceptional economic benefit < 55 Years old unless exceptional economic benefit
You must have total assets of $1.5m Must be able to obtain $1m in venture capital funding
You had net assets in a business >$400k in 2 of last 4 years or at least 10% ownership in a business if it is a publicly listed company
Business Turnover must be >$3m in 2 of the last 4 years
Overall sucessful career
Genuine desire to own and maintain management role in a business here

Business Innovation & Investment

188 Provisional Visa leading to 888 Permanent Visa

Business Stream Investor Stream Significant Investor
State Nomination State Nomination State Nomination
< 55 Years old unless exceptional economic benefit < 55 Years old unless exceptional economic benefit Genuine intention to reside in the state
Must achieve 65 pts in the Points Test Must achieve at least 65 pts in the Points Test Must Invest $5m in complying investment
Must have had an overall Successful Career Overall Successful Career
Ownership of business with >$500k turnover (2 of 4 years) Investment in State bonds of $1.5m
Net personal + Business Assets > $800k Management of a business in 1 of last 5 years with 10% shareholding or >$1.5m equity value

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Case Study

Which business visa?

What qualifies as a “business” when it comes to business visas? That was one of the key questions we had to answer in the case of Franco who ran a successful commercial property investment company in Europe. The migration regulations specifically exclude real estate investment from being eligible to be characterised as a business. We decided to pursue a business visa under the investor stream – as that avoided the issue altogether. But soon after we received the financial statements it was evident that work was required to ensure the financial statements were in a format that the Department of Immigration would accept. So we spent a number of weeks up front with the accountant ensuring all financial statements were re-drafted to meet international accounting standards and ensuring there was no confusion for the case officer in understanding how Franco met the criteria for grant.

The time we spent up front ensured that when the day came to lodge the state sponosrship application all our ducks were in a row – it was then a matter of going through the process with the state government and later the Immigration Department. The business visa was ultimately granted within a few months, a great result and now Franco is in Australia exploring his next investment move in Australia. Read the full story and learn what visa we actually applied for.

Business Visa Detailed Information

Here you can find detailed information for each Business Visa

  • + Financial documents required for business visas