We are with you every step of the way.

Our local International Student services are tailored for our student clients.

Immigration advice

It is important to ensure you qualify for a graduate visa at the end of your studies.
We are experts in graduate visas and international student pathways to skilled visas.
Not sure if you will qualify for PR?
Our expert immigration knowledge ensures you get the best advice about your PR pathway

We can help you find that all important first job after graduation.

It is a highly competitive job market. You need every advantage you can get.
We can help you have the best resume, cover letter and interview preparation. We can also introduce you to potential employers.

Settlement, Orientation, Community!

Settling in to a new country and a new university can be daunting.
We can take care of as much or as little of your settlement as you like. We can help with accommodation, orientation and registrations.
Support groups are very important for wellbeing and success
We offer social events and student support networks to ensure our student clients settle in comfortably to their new home.

We are local

Australia's education system can be very different from other countries. You should be well informed about what it means to study at an Australian university.
We have in depth experience and knowledge of the Australian education system both as students and as teachers.
Enrolment is only the start - passing and attaining strong grades are important for job prospects.
We are qualified counsellors and know what it takes to pass Australian courses. We also know what Australian employers want from graduates of Australian universities.