Employer Sponsorship Applications

PAX Migration Australia offers comprehensive support for employers who wish to nominate or sponsor a non citizen.

There are a number of different employer sponsored visas in Australia. Choosing the right one can save you money due to the different obligations for each type.

We have immigration law and commercial expertise that allows us to effectively analyse and develop an optimal method for an employer and employee to be brought together under Australia’s immigration law and policy framework.

The key areas where we support Employer Sponsorship and Nominations include:

Application to be an approved nominator/sponsor
Address any adverse information presented by the Department
Minimum salary levels required and how to calculate base salary
Labour Market Testing
Training expenditure requirements
Financial and Payroll data for the Department of Immigration
Advice on business processes to comply with Immigration obligations
Compliance monitoring support

Labour Agreements are used where a large number of 457 workers are needed.

Labour Agreements

PAX Migration Australia offers comprehensive support for employers who wish to pursue a labour agreement for a body of workers.


Labour Agreements typically involve:

  • Negotiation with the Australian Federal Government to request access to a labour agreement
  • Nomination of positions to be filled by the employer
  • Applications for visas by employees

We will prepare a comprehensive submission to the Australian Federal Government represented by the Department of Immigration detailing

  • The occupations sought
  • Skills and job descriptions for the nominated occupations
  • Workforce profile
  • Evidence of training benchmarks
  • Evidence of labour market shortage
  • Stakeholder consultation
  • Submission for English language concessions if required
  • Salary arrangements
  • Financial viability
  • Details of related entities
  • Migration compliance, Work place relations and OHS compliance history

Arranging a labour agreement is a complex process but can save your business time and money in the long run by establishing a framework under which your business can employ foreigners quickly.