Please be aware that the Subclass 457 Temporary Work (Skilled) visa has been replaced with a new Subclass 482 Skill Shortage (TSS) visa as of the 18th March 2018. You can read more about these changes in our articles on the abolishment and replacement of the Subclass 457 visa and Subclass 482 – A Guide to Temporary Skills Shortage.

We are often asked by employers about the TSMIT – The Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold – and how they have to pay 457 sponsored employees at least that amount (c.$54k).


It is important to remember that the TSMIT threshold is not a minimum salary threshold that employers must pay over that to get a visa approved. It is actually a threshold that requires the occupation nominated in a 457 application to warrant a salary of at least $54k.


The distinction is that if an occupation does not normally carry a salary of $54k then it will not be approved as a 457 – even if the employer is willing to pay the amount!


Therefore, it is important to ensure that the role the sponsored employee will be employed in normally carries a market salary rate of at least the TSMIT amount. This can be done using various online statistics and employment agencies to gauge market salary rates.


If you need assistance structuring your nomination occupation and an assessment of market salary rates, contact us.