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Appeal to a Tribunal

If you have had an application refused or a visa cancelled, we can help. Most refusals and cancellations carry a right of appeal to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT). This is a merits review process – the Tribunal will assess your application independently of the Department of Immigration.

We will:

  • Apply to the Tribunal on your behalf
  • Devise a strategy to give you the best possible chances for achieving your immigration goal from your appeal
  • Prepare written submissions to the relevant review body
  • Appear in any interviews and tribunal hearings with you
  • Liaise with the Tribunal hearing your case as well as other interested parties as required

When we prepare a submission for tribunals, we will gather all the facts and evidence from you that best represents your circumstances. This can include arranging expert testimony and declarations from relevant parties. We will then prepare a written submission that argues your case to give you the best opportunity for success.

Our Fees

Consultation Fee 

Our fee for a consultation is $330.00. In exchange for this fee, we will:

  • Explain your eligibility for a Tribunal Appeal and your options
  • Identify key arguments for your case
  • Provide you with an indication of the likely outcome and how strong your case is
  • Provide guidance on the process 
  • Explain the costs involved
  • Explain what type of evidence will be required

The consultation fee is always credited against any waiver or written response preparation fee.


Tribunal Appeal Fee 

Our average fees for handling AAT reviews are around $3,500 plus hearing fees (attendance at hearings may not be required if a favourable decision is made on written submissions). As our fees will vary depending on the complexity of each case we will always provide you with a full quote at your consultation. We can also provide a reasonably reliable quote prior to your consultation so you know what fees are in store well in advance of beginning your relationship with us.