To qualify for this 602 visa, you need to be in Australia for ‘Medical treatment’ (other than surrogate motherhood)

Key Criteria to qualify for a 602 Visa

Medical Treatment or Consultations in Australia

To qualify for this medical visa, you need to be in Australia for ‘Medical treatment’ (other than surrogate motherhood)

‘Medical treatment’ includes all medical procedures (eg. Tests, surgery, consultations).

It does not matter if the treatment is minor, available in your home country, or cosmetic.

Proof of Treatment

You must show that you have made arrangements for your medical treatment., This will usually involve a letter from your medical practitioner explaining the nature and duration of your treatment, the proposed dates of treatment, and the possible costs.

Proof that you can pay for your treatment

Usually, a letter will be required from the hospital or clinic that will treat you confirming that they are satisfied as to the arrangements for payment of their fees.

This may involve actual payment, insurance policy evidence, or identification of reciprocal health care agreements (eg, United Kingdom, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Netherlands, Belgium, Malta, Italy, New Zealand and Republic of Ireland and Slovenia)

It is also important to provide evidence that the applicant will not become a charge on the Australian government by showing acceptable arrangements for other expenses relating to the stay in Australia, including the expenses of anyone accompanying you.

Support Person can Accompany

You can have someone accompany you as a support person to give emotional and other support. Family members (ie. Spouse, children) may also accompany you.

Genuine Temporary Entrant

It is a requirement that the applicant genuinely intends to stay in Australia temporarily. You must have adequate means to support yourself during the stay.

Public Interest Criteria

The medical treatment visa carries the general Character and Debts to the Commonwealth criteria.

If you are unsure of meeting any of these criteria you should contact a professional to assess your ability to overcome any potential refusal on these grounds. Migration agents can prepare submissions on your behalf to give your application every opportunity for approval.

Period of Visa

The Medical Treatment visa is a temporary visa. It will be valid for any period decided by the Department of Immigration (usually the length of your treatment).

Work Rights

The Medical Treatment visa does not allow you to work at all. You may apply for work rights on the grounds of financial hardship as a result of changes to your circumstances after entering Australia. You will need to show compelling reasons to work and why you cannot leave Australia.