The number one problem people have with IELTS tests is answering well under pressure. It is important to prepare for your test because the more you prepare the less anxiety you will feel in the test and the better you will perform. Here are a few short tips on how to improve your preparation.



Read each question carefully! Also, it is a good idea to read the question before the recording starts. By doing this you will have a head start on the content of the recording making it easier to keep track and figure out the correct answer



Read, read, read! By practicing your reading every day, with lots of different types of materials (newspaper, surfing the internet, advertising materials etc) you will improve your reading speed which is critical to this component of the test.


Always use your own words and do not copy words from the question. Any words that are copied from the question will be ignored anyway.


Practice, practice, practice! Speak English everywhere! We have also had good results recording yourself (use your phone to do this) and then playing back to to see where you might improve.