PAX Migration Australia is a leading migration agency offering a range of workforce solutions to employers, including offshore recruitment services, which specifically fits the needs of each client. As a full-service migration agency, we provide end-to-end offshore recruitment assistance to employers. This entails assistance with global recruitment sourcing and vetting of prospective candidates in the early stages of your recruitment process to ensure that candidates are eligible for migration before proceeding to deeper levels of recruitment testing or making an offer of employment and sponsorship. As part of our international recruitment services, our comprehensive recruitment and migration solutions manage the process for you from start to finish.

Read on to find out more about how we can connect you with highly qualified individuals who are interested in working and living in Australia with our streamlined end-to-end overseas recruitment service offering.

How We Can Assist Your Business To Recruit Talent From Overseas With Our International Recruitment Services

PAX Migration Australia can assist in ensuring you have an integrated recruitment and immigration solution to connect you with skilled overseas staff. We understand the difficulties that businesses face in sourcing talent from overseas – it is a typically complex and expensive process. It is also disruptive to your business and takes you away from your core competencies.

Let us do the hard work for you.

We help businesses by streamlining the offshore recruitment process to make it more efficient and less costly. We source the best talent from around the world. Our registered migration agents can also assist businesses with their visa requirements, including assisting in managing their obligations as an employer of temporary skilled migrants.

We understand how important it is to attract the very best talent to your organisation. Many industries in Australia are experiencing talent shortages and are looking outside the Australian labour market to recruit quality staff.

As part of our offshore recruitment services, PAX Migration Australia can source highly qualified candidates from around the world. We specialise in the recruitment of skilled overseas workers and can assist your company with the recruitment, selection and sponsorship of temporary and permanent migrants. Our team is experienced in verifying overseas qualifications, reference checking and interviewing potential candidates to ensure they best suit your organisation’s needs and have good prospects of success for visa application purposes.

And no business is too large or too small – we can deliver a single employee to multiple appointments for specific projects or organisations.

Importantly, we take the time to understand your business and its culture before suggesting candidates that meet your needs. Ensuring that candidates are the right fit for your business is crucial to long-term staff retention.

Delivering Quality Candidates

We simplify the process of hiring international staff on long-term employer sponsored visas through our streamlined recruitment and immigration procedures, enabling our clients to access a wide pool of experienced professionals.

As each entity has different immigration and visa requirements, we tailor our international recruitment services accordingly to achieve the best outcomes and support growth aspirations limited by local skills gaps.

What Offshore Recruitment Services Do We Offer To Employers?

At PAX Migration Australia, we offer one-stop fully integrated resourcing and migration advisory solutions for your business. Our integrated recruitment, immigration and settlement solutions connect Australian employers with skilled overseas staff. 

As part of our offshore recruitment services, we can connect you with competent global recruitment providers, or tap into your existing recruitment provider to ensure a seamless immigration process. 

Strategic Immigration And Offshore Recruitment Advice

We provide advice on Australia’s immigration rules and regulations as well as on policy and the implications of changes. We develop immigration pathways for your business to recruit and secure international workers, and we provide advice and assistance in the governance of your migration program.

Sourcing Skilled Workers From Around The World

We offer a customised overseas recruitment service to find you the exact skills you need. We only deliver talented professionals who are seeking long-term employment. Our candidates are dedicated and loyal career professionals who are seeking long-term opportunities to live and work in Australia – our extensive vetting procedures weed out those who are between jobs or who are looking for a quick fix.

Vetting Candidates For Immigration Eligibility

The correct selection of international staff and relocation is fundamentally important to maximising retention and success of international employees.

Our thorough screening process ensures that all applicants are shortlisted to your specifications. We guarantee high-quality staff because we have access to a specially selected international labour pool. We select only the most skilled candidates in their field.

We provide your recruitment team with the tools they need to assist them in identifying the key attributes needed to qualify for an Australian work visa. We can formally vet your prospective candidates for Australian work visa eligibility at the outset before you spend further time on your selection process.

Our candidate vetting procedures are rigorous and extensive, to ensure that employers achieve long-term retention of employees. Utilising extensive vetting procedures ensures that our clients attract the skilled employees that they need and retain these employees for the long term.

What we offer as part of our international recruitment services:

  • Sourcing visa-eligible candidates in your required occupations
  • Provide your recruitment team with guidelines setting out the key criteria candidates must meet to qualify for a visa (including work experience/qualifications, English, health, character and immigration history)
  • Assess the candidate against immigration law and policy requirements to determine their eligibility for a visa (including exploration of all possible work visa options)
  • Provide frank and candid advice about the eligibility of a candidate for a work visa (including identification of any risks associated with an application)
  • Identify any milestones that must be reached to qualify for a work visa
  • Outline the processing times and costs involved in the identified process
  • Problem-solving through creative strategic solutions to assist the candidate in achieving an Australian visa

Visa Management

Our registered migration agents will process all sponsorship, nomination and visa applications in a timely and professional matter.

We will assist you with your staff with their visa application including:

  • frank and candid advice regarding the prospects of success of the application
  • analysing current immigration law and policy relating to the chosen visa subclass
  • providing advice and assistance relating to documentation required to support the application
  • preparing the visa application for the nominee
  • preparing any necessary supporting submissions to the Department of Home Affairs
  • lodging the application with the Department of Immigration for processing as soon as possible
  • keeping you and the nominee fully informed of all developments concerning the progress of the application
  • promptly advising you and the nominee of any communications from the Department of Home Affairs
  • during the processing of the application, advising you and the nominee of any changes to the law or policy requirements affecting the application
  • advising you and the nominee promptly of the outcome of the application

Settlement Services

We can connect you with relocation and settlement providers for your new staff in Australia. Through those dedicated providers, you can offer continued support to your new employee, including helping them to organise Tax File Numbers, opening bank accounts and trade licensing. Our team can also assist your new employees to bring their family to Australia, apply for permanent residency and Australian Citizenship.

Compliance Services

For those businesses that employ staff on an Australian work visa, it is vitally important that you are aware of and comply with your sponsorship obligations and are aware of relevant details of all employees engaged on employer sponsored visas. We assist in implementing a corporate governance model to manage your sponsorship obligations. We can also carry out an audit of all current employer sponsored visa holders, ensuring that employers/sponsors are compliant with all sponsorship obligations.

And Finally … Some Closing Remarks

When we represent you, we promise to do everything in our power to achieve the result you want. We will always make sure you receive excellent value from our services. Our experienced team of Registered Migration Agents and recruitment experts will provide ongoing support throughout your sponsoring journey. They will give you personalised advice and information based on the most current legislation and policy requirements.

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In conclusion, we note that the above discussion provides an overview of the employer offshore recruitment services offered by PAX Migration Australia.

Australia’s migration laws are complex, and each case is different. We recommend that you seek professional advice if you are seeking to sponsor workers for your business, as being fully informed will give you the best chance of achieving a successful outcome on your case. A migration professional can help you to do this.

For up-to-date advice on sponsoring workers in your business, including how PAX Migration Australia can help you with offshore recruitment and the overseas recruitment services that we offer, book your confidential consultation with a migration agent in Adelaide. PAX Migration Australia is a leading immigration advice service based in Adelaide.