The Department has (finally) published its results from the latest invitation round that occurred on 11th October 2018. We have summarised these results below, to assist you in assessing the likely timeframes and minimum points scores required to secure an invitation for the following skilled visa subclasses:

  • Skilled – Independent (subclass 189)
  • Skilled – Nominated (subclass 190) visa
  • Skilled – Regional (Provisional) (subclass 489) visa

Total invitations issued

Invitations issued for each round of the current 2018/19 migration programme year, as well as the total number of invitations issued this year to date, are listed below.

Visa subclassJuly 2018August 2018September 2018October 2018Total issued so far in 2018/19
Skilled – Independent (subclass 189)1,0002,4902,4904,34010,320
Skilled – Regional (Provisional) (subclass 489) visa1010101040

There has been a significant increase in the number of invitations issued for the subclass 189 visa, rising 74% since the last invitation round on 11th September 2018.

Invitations issued for the Subclass 489 visa remain unchanged since the 22nd November 2017 round, with 10 invitations issued in October 2018. This ongoing trend signals that a maximum of 120 invitations will be issued for this visa class in the 2018/19 migration year.

Points score cut-offs

To receive an invitation in the 11th October round, the following minimum points scores were required:

Visa subclassMinimum points scoreDate of effect (last invited applicant)
Skilled – Independent (subclass 189)702nd September 2018
Skilled – Regional (Provisional) (subclass 489) visa8020th June 2018

These minimum points scores have remained unchanged since the September 2018 invitation round. As was the case in the  previous round, the minimum number of points required to receive an invitation exceeds the 65 points minimum threshold which must be attained to lodge an Expression of Interest (EOI).

The ‘Date of effect’ in the above table refers to the last date when invitation recipients in the October 2018 round attained their points score (which is when their EOI was submitted). The table shows that applicants for the subclass 189 visa who had attained a minimum points score of 70 and who lodged their EOI by 2nd September 2018 received an invitation in the October 2018 round.

In the case of the subclass 489 visa, applicants received an invitation in the October 2018 round if they attained a minimum score of 80 points and had submitted their EOI by 20th June 2018.

This data shows that the wait time to receive an invitation is now approximately 1 month for the subclass 189 visa, which is an improvement on the September round, where the wait time was closer to 2-3 months.

In contrast, the wait time for subclass 489 visa invitations has increased since the previous round, rising from approximately 2 months in September 2018, to an average of 3-4 months in the October 2018 invitation round.

Invitations issued in the 11th October 2018 round based on points score are as follows:

Points score for invited applicantsNumber of invitations issued for the subclass 189 visaNumber of invitations issued for the subclass 489 visa


The number of invitations issued for the subclass 189 visa increased for applicants in all points’ score bands. The largest increases were for applicants attaining 70 points, rising from 605 invitations being were issued in the September 2018 round, to 1913 invitations in the latest round.

Applicants scoring above 85 points also saw a substantial increase in the number of invitations issued, rising from just over 5 invitations in the last invitation round, to 162 invitations being issued in October 2018.


The results for the most in-demand skilled occupations for the 2018/19 program year are listed below.

Occupation (ANZSCO code)Minimum points score required in the Oct 2018 invitation roundDate of effectOccupation ceiling for the 2018/19 year
Accountants (2211)806th July 20183,753
Auditors, Company Secretaries and Corporate Treasurers (2212)8010th June 20181,342
Electronics Engineer (2334)  7013th December 2017300
Industrial, Mechanical and Production Engineers (2335)705th April 20181,780
Other Engineering Professionals (2339) 7526th August 2018700
ICT Business and System Analysts (2611)7527th July 20181,466
Software and Applications Programmers (2613)  7017th January 20187,271
Computer Network Professionals (2631) 7024th May 20182,167

To illustrate how to interpret the information in the above table, if we look at the data for the nominated occupation of Electronics Engineer (2334), it shows that in the October 2018 round, applicants with a points score of 80 or above who had submitted their EOI up to 6th July 2018 received an invitation. The data also shows that there are 300 available places for this occupation in the current program year.

We have listed all occupation ceilings and the number of invitations issued for each occupation up to the 11th August 2018 round here.

The only occupation for which the minimum points score required to secure an invitation in the latest round changed was for Software and Applications Programmers (2613), decreasing from 75 points in the September 2018 round to 70 points in October 2018. Minimum points scores required for all other occupations listed above remained unchanged in the latest round.

State and Territory Government nominations

Invitations issued by State and Territory Governments for the subclass 489 and 190 visa programmes in October 2018 are set out in the table below.

Subclass 190 visa622283014841332840826
Subclass 489 visa0209275431910112713


The largest changes in the number of invitations issued between the months of August and September 2018 were for New South Wales, South Australia and Tasmania.

In New South Wales, there was a 35% increase in invitations issued in September 2018, rising from 322 invitations in August 2018, to 437 invitations issued in September 2018.

South Australia also saw an increase in invitations, rising from 220 in August 2018, to 360 invitations being issued in September 2018 (an increase of 64%). Invitations for the subclass 489 visa accounted for the majority of the increase.

For Tasmania, the number of invitations issued in August 2018 decreased, from 301 invitations issued in August 2018, down to 134 invitations for September 2018.


The total number of invitations issued from 1st July 2018 to 30th September 2018 are listed below.

Subclass 190 visa218405903301791871,01812,428
Subclass 489 visa0554101198525303341,688


Further Information

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