The first SkillSelect results for March have been released. See what the most recent results say and how they affect your GSM visa application.

March’s numbers thus far appear to affirm the continuing trend of a steady amount of invitations being issued. Last month’s invitation numbers slightly exceeded our original thoughts. Despite already awarding approximately 700 more invitations than the first February results, there is a large consensus that the trend will remain the same, especially as we are so close to the end of this current year’s intake.


Pro-rata arrangements continue with jobs in Accounting, IT and Engineering. Accountants and Auditors especially face difficulty in receiving invitations for 189 Visas as the 70-point threshold to apply remains in place. All other applicants under a pro-rata occupation must score 65 points, apart from Electronics Engineers (2334), who still enjoy a threshold points score of 60.

There is not a lot difference between February’s data in regards to invitations received by Point Score. The only material difference is that a proportionately lower amount of invitations were issued for applicants scoring 60 points. Unsurprisingly, the vast majority of invitations to be issued at the 65-point level. This indicates the high demand for pro-rata occupations, as well as the general competitiveness of the GSM process. This month’s data also shows that there are still invitations being awarded to pro-rata occupations, despite many nearing their occupational ceilings.

A Word On…

The Engineering sector maintains its position as the front-runner to reach its occupational ceiling.  Other Engineering Professionals (2339) and Industrial Engineers (2335), after this round of results sit well within 90% of their occupational ceilings. Only 38 positions remain for Other Engineering Professionals, while just under 100 invitations can still be awarded to Industrial Engineers. We expect over the coming rounds that the invitations in these areas will dry up.

Since our last report, Electronics Engineers have comfortably surpassed the 80% threshold of its occupational ceiling. Invitations continue to be given at a steady rate, so there, there is no reason to believe that things will change.

The Accounting Profession continues its steady progress despite having the highest pro-rata threshold score of 70 points. Accountants (2211) and Auditors and Company Secretaries (2212) both sit comfortably at occupational ceiling levels slightly above 80%. Both occupations have wiggle-room at around 300-400 occupations.

Invitations for IT Professionals also continues to grow at a steady rate.

ICT Business and Systems Analysts (2611) and Software and Application Programmers (2613) currently are in the high-80% occupational ceiling threshold level. In the next round, ICT Business and Systems Analysts will break the 90% level of their ceiling, and from there the number of invitations issued for this occupation will dry up as there are around 150 more invitations to be issued before the occupational ceiling is reached.

The results from this round show that Computer Network Professionals (2631) are most at risk to reach their occupational ceiling. Currently at 97% of its occupational ceiling, there are only around 40 more invitations that can be issued to this occupation before its ceiling is reached.


Final Word…

Given that most pro-rata occupations are about to reach their occupational ceilings, and that occupational ceilings for all other occupations are so far away from the targets the Government set last year. This highlights the continuing demand for pro-rata occupations, as most sit around 90% of their occupational ceilings. The data in the first table of this report shows how many more invitations the Department can issue, given that each month they have a target of issuing 4000 invitations. What this means is that there is room to move for pro-rata occupations to move. However, changes aren’t guaranteed. It will be interesting to see how the Department responds to the demanding number of applications that continue to be made for pro-rata occupations. Stay posted for our reports on upcoming results as they will reveal the changing GSM outlook for the coming months.

The Importance of Score and Time

At PAX Migration,,we continually urge all those applying for GSM Visas to be prudent in calculating points and strive to score above the required point threshold, as we proactively do the same for you, our client.

Time and score will be rewarded.

1. Those with the highest points score will be the ones who receive an invitation to apply for a visa

2. Those who submit EOI’s and those who reach their points score at an earlier stage, will be given priority.

Be cautious as to your occupation group as it may fall under a pro-rata arrangement to maintain invitations being issued throughout the year (this is largely due to demand)


Once again, we urge you to be careful and cautious when dealing with SkillSelect and General Skilled Migration. Call us at PAX Migration to speak with our highly knowledgeable and experienced migration agents. Trust us to help deliver your desired visa outcomes.