The first SkillSelect results for February have been released. See what the most recent results say and how they affect your GSM visa application.

feb chart 1


The first half of February results suggest that the amount of invitations issued for this month will lie around 2000-2300. This would indicate that the rate at which invitations are being issued will continue to plateau since the September-high.

Table 1

Pro-rata arrangements continue with jobs in Accounting, IT and Engineering. Accountants and Auditors especially face difficulty in receiving invitations for 189 Visas as the 70-point threshold to apply remains in place. All other applicants under a pro-rata occupation must score 65 points, apart from Electronics Engineers (2334), who still enjoy a threshold points score of 60.

In comparison to January, there have been increases to the amount of invitations issued for applicants scoring 60, 70 and 75 points. The biggest differential occurred for those scoring 60 and 75 points, with each breaking the 300 and 150 point barriers during this round. The results at the higher end of the graph show that there are still applicants being awarded invitations for pro-rata occupations, and for those scoring at higher levels than their threshold score.

Invitations issued at 65 points remains the most rewarded, which is no surprise. As Registered Migration Agents, we strongly urge all applicants to strive for a score above the threshold of their respective occupation


february chart 2



A Word On…

The Engineering sector shows the most alarming results as Other Engineering Professionals (2339) quickly approaches 90% capacity and Industrial Engineers (2335) in this round of results hit 90% capacity. We do not believe an increase in the threshold points score will eventuate. So far, Industrial Engineers increased by 1% since our last SkillSelect report, while Other Engineering Professionals increased by the pro-rata occupational average of 3%.

Electronics Engineers are fast approaching 75% of the occupational ceiling.

Despite the highest points-score threshold of 70, [CK2] the Accounting profession experienced some of the largest increases to invitations issued, both at 4%. Almost 100 invitations were issued to Accountants (2211), while Auditors and Company Secretaries (2212) received a further 55 invitations. This means that both pro-rata occupations now exceed 70% of their occupational ceilings.

IT Professionals also experienced a similar amount of invitations as accountants, with most occupations exceeding the 3% average increase of all pro-rata occupations.

ICT Business and Systems Analysts (2611) and Software and Application Programmers (2613) were awarded 60 and 225 invitations respectively, further cementing their positions at mid-70% of their respective occupational ceilings.

Computer Network Professionals (2631) also experienced an increase of 3% in received invitations, meaning that in the coming months, 90% of its occupational ceiling will be reached.


Final Word…

As most pro-rata occupations sit comfortably within their occupational ceilings, we expect that the points thresholds will not change in the next round. The data revealed since our last report shows that despite some occupations closing in on 90% of their occupational ceilings, the Department will simply begin to slow the rate of invitations issued (highlighted by the 1% increase in the occupational ceiling of Industrial Engineers).

The Importance of Score and Time

At PAX Migration, we continually urge all those applying for GSM Visas to be prudent in calculating points and strive to score above the required point threshold, as we proactively do the same for you, our client.

Time and score will be rewarded.

1. Those with the highest points score will be the ones who receive an invitation to apply for a visa

2. Those who submit EOI’s and those who reach their points score at an earlier stage, will be given priority.

Be cautious as to your occupation group as it may fall under a pro-rata arrangement to maintain invitations being issued throughout the year (this is largely due to demand).

Keep an eye out on the PAX Migration website as we continue to update you on the most relevant and significant migration news.

Once again, we urge you to be careful and cautious when dealing with SkillSelect and General Skilled Migration. Call us at PAX Migration to speak with our highly knowledgeable and experienced migration agents. Trust us to help deliver your desired visa outcomes.