John had submitted an Expression of Interest into SkillSelect for the 189 visa. His occupation was on the list and he had the required points, he believed he was eligible and he would be receiving his invitation shortly… He submitted his EOI and waited and waited and then waited some more. There was no invitation and he was starting to worry as his current visa would be ending soon. If he did not receive the invitation, he would have no other option but to leave Australia, the place he had called home for close to 8 years now (having done his High School Certificate and all tertiary study in Australia).

He contacted me wondering if he had any other options or if he had done something wrong. After sitting down with him, I identified a number of issues, but the two most important were: 1. John did not have a positive skills assessment for his application and 2. He did not have enough points to generate an invitation for the 189 visa (although the cut off score was 60 at that time, applicants were not receiving an invitation unless they had a minimum score of 70 points). We were able to resolve the issue of the skills assessment, by first ensuring he was eligible for a skills assessment and then applying to the relevant skill assessing body (luckily he was eligible and was able to attain this relatively quickly). However, I knew that he was unlikely to be receiving an invitation for the 189 visa anytime soon.

I started to explore other options, namely state nomination. We went through all the requirements for the various states and identified that he was eligible for state nomination from South Australia, as he was an international graduate and was fortunate enough to be working in his nominated occupation (he was also able to attain the 12 month work experience requirement as he was a graduate from a South Australian institution). We applied to Immigration SA and his application was approved in 10 days, we then lodged his visa application and now John after many years of residence in Australia is an Australian permanent resident.

It is important to be aware of all requirements and assess your eligibility for all visas thoroughly, John was not aware of state nomination nor of the requirements that each state has, simply lodging an EOI and waiting could have dire consequences if not done accurately. For full advice about your eligibility for a skilled visa contact us to book your consultation today.