Key criteria to quality for a state sponsored visa

State Occupation List

In order to be able to apply for a permanent state nominated visa your occupation will need to be on a State Occupation List. You can find the various lists here:









If your occupation is one that is in demand by the state you are interested in, you may be able to apply to that state for nomination, however there are some other criteria as well.

Skills Assessment

In order to qualify for a state nominated visa you must have a positive skills assessment in the occupation that you will be nominated for by the state.

Points Test

In order to be eligible for a state nominated visa you must reach at least the threshold minimum points for General Skilled Migration. The threshold depends on the level of demand for your occupation and how many applicants there are in the database. Your points are largely determined by Age, English abilities, Qualifications, Work Experience.

Age and English

You must be under 50 years old and have at least Competent English (IELTS 6.0) in order to be eligible. However, some occupations may require a higher English language score in order to obtain a positive skills assessment or for the state nomination itself.

The Process to Apply

The 190 Visa consists of 3 stages:

  1. Apply to the Skills Assessment body for a positive skills assessment in your occupation
  2. Submit an Expression of Interest in the SkillSelect database
  3. Apply to the State Migration Department for state sponsorship approval
  4. Apply to the Department of Immigration for approval of the visa

Public Interest Criteria

Like almost all visas, partner visas carry these general requirements for Health, Character, Debts to the Commonwealth, and Australian Values Statement.

If you are unsure of meeting any of these criteria you should contact a professional to assess your ability to overcome any potential refusal on these grounds. Migration agents can prepare submissions on your behalf to give your application every opportunity for approval.

Period of Visa

The state sponsored permanent visa (190) visa is a permanent visa valid for 5 years.

Work Rights

The 190 visa carries full work rights for both the applicant and the family members.

* Sometimes individual states have specific criteria peculiar to that state. For comprehensive advice about how you might be eligible for state nomination, speak to a qualified registered migration agent by calling (08) 7226 2225 or send us a message.