The Government has removed the following visa subclasses as of midnight Sunday the 1st of June 2014:

Parent (subclass 103)

Aged Parent (subclass 804)

Aged Dependent Relative (114)

Remaining Relative (115)

Carer (116)

Remaining Relative (835)

Carer (836)

Aged Dependent Relative (838).


Applications received by DIBP after midnight Sunday 1 June will not be accepted.


This means that carers, remaining relatives and other dependant relatives who were hoping to migrate under the above subclasses will now need to migrate ‘on their own merits’. This means fitting into one of the existing visa subclasses.

For parents – the pathway left by the government is clear – pay the high Visa Application Charge of a contributory parent visa. For those unable to afford the high VAC, there may be little other option.

It is well accepted that the ability for skilled migrants to sponsor their relatives to migrate after they have taken the decision to do so, is a very important selling point for any country hoping to attract skilled immigrants. Australia competes with other countries for the worlds best migrants, and an important selling point is the ability to sponsor relatives to migrate also.


It will be interesting to see if the migration statistics change as a result of the removal of these visas. If the skilled migration and the lucrative international student industry suffer as a result of these removals, then it is likely the Government will introduce alternative measures. Until then, each parent, remaining relative and would be carer will need to apply for a visa under the remaining visas.