We hear this question at least 10 times a day.  It seems to be the question of every potential student visa holder and student visa holder alike.  The answer to the question contains some good news and some bad news…


The bad news:

Unfortunately, nobody can 100% predict what the government will add or delete from the Skilled Occupation List (SOL) or the Consolidated Skilled Occupation List (CSOL) by the time you graduate and become eligible for skilled migration (ie. attain a positive skills assessment with appropriate work experience). This is why it important to consider overall trends and make your best guess as to what will be in demand in the future. it is also very important that first and foremost you study a course that you are interested in and that you will be good at. These are the two most important factors when choosing which course to study.


The good news:

There are some important considerations that a good migration agent can assist you with while applying for a student visa. For instance, it is important to choose a course that meets the Australian Study Requirement and ensure that you meet all the other criteria for a graduate visa. The graduate visa is a very useful pathway visa that allows you to work and gain the experience necessary to get either an employer sponsor or the skills to qualify for general skilled migration.

There are also some useful resources that help us determine the current trends and the skills that may be in demand at the time you want to apply for permanent residency.

Your first starting point is always referred to as the current SOL and CSOL, here you can analyse which skills are currently in demand. It is a lot more probable for an occupation to stay on the list than it is for a new occupation to be added to the list.  


Also, see which occupations are flagged to learn more about what occupations are being openly considered for removal from the list. This doesn’t mean they will be removed – some occupations have been flagged for a long time. But it is a useful indicator nonetheless.


Look at the economic trends like reading Deloitte Access Economics trend reports, Department of Employment reports or the Good Job Guide. It is commonly established that the growth industries in Australia will continue to be Gas, Tourism, International Education, Wealth Management and Agribusiness with a new emphasis on Aged Care and Health Services generally. Attending events like the Careers & Employment Expo can also provide you with insight into what is in demand in Australia.

Visit industry association websites such as this one, to see If they feature a career information section. If not, then ask them directly for sector-specific career information.

To see what industries might be getting saturated look at the Department of Immigration SkillSelect reports seeing what occupations are being oversubscribed.


PAX Migration Australia’s employees are very good at what they do. We will work with you to help you determine which course would best suit you personally as well as for migration purposes. We can provide you with up to date information about the SOL and CSOL lists, what the economic trends are and what course will provide the best pathway options for migration. There are no guarantees in this game, but we can guarantee to help you make an informed decision and not just pure guessing by presenting all the available information to you. 

Contact us for more information and start studying the right course today!