All student visa applicants are required to declare in their application that they will have genuine access to funds to meet costs and expenses for themselves, and for any accompanying family members, for the duration of their expected stay in Australia. Adequate finances for a student visa is one criterion met, however you are required to look for other eligibility factors to be granted in an Australian university.

Costs and expenses required to be declared

  • Travel costs for the primary applicant and all accompanying family members (cost of the airfare to and from Australia)


  • Course fees for the primary applicant for the first 12 months


  • School costs for all school-age dependents for the first 12 months


  • Living expenses for the primary applicant and all accompanying family members. The Migration legislation specifies minimum amounts for this category, which have recently increased and are due to take effect from 1 February 2018. The minimum living costs are:

–          Student or guardian: AUD $20,290

–          Partner or spouse: AUD $7,100

–          Child: AUD$ 3,040


Applicants should provide documentary evidence to demonstrate that they have sufficient funds that meet the above requirements when submitting their application to the Department of Home Affairs. Failure to provide evidence can result in a refusal of the application.

 Type of funds accepted for a student visa

  • Money Deposit or Loan from a financial institution
  • Government loan
  • Scholarship or financial support.

The funds can be held by a person other than the visa applicant, however, in such cases, evidence must be provided to show that the visa applicant has genuine access to the funds. There is also the option to demonstrate sufficient funds where the primary applicant’s parents, spouse or de facto partner has a personal annual income of at least AUD $60,000 (or AUD $70,000 where the applicant has accompanying family members).

Other requirements that apply to student visa applicants

  • The ‘Genuine Temporary Entrant’ (GTE) requirement, whereby they must demonstrate an intention to enter and remain in Australia temporarily as a student
  • Adequate arrangements are made for health insurance for the duration of their intended stay in Australia
  • The proposed course of study is an approved course for student visa purposes
  • Minimum English language requirements may also apply


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