Australia is a highly sought-after destination for international students from all over the wold. The latest statistics show there were close to half a million student visa holders in Australia at the end of June 2018. What is it that makes Australia such a popular choice for students from abroad? A top education system, multicultural and inclusive society with a rich and diverse culture, vast landscapes and natural wonders for you to explore, easy access to transport, and the opportunity to work and improve your English as a student visa holder are just some of the reasons why Australia is viewed as being such an attractive place to study for the many who arrive on its shores each year as they begin an exciting new chapter in their lives. Read on to find out more about why Australia is often described as being the best place to be an international student and why you might like to consider a student visa to Australia.

Top performing education system

Providing its citizens with a high-quality education is a top priority for the Australian government. Millions of dollars are invested each year into the education system and great efforts are made to ensure that the system operates to world-class standards and is internationally competitive. Australian education institutions aim to attract the best students, both from Australia and abroad, and invest heavily in their faculties and facilities to ensure they deliver on this top priority.

You can choose from a wide range of courses and education institutions, including vocational, higher education and postgraduate research.  A qualification from Australia will put you in good stead for securing employment opportunities and potentially improve your income-earning capacity once you complete your qualification.

Multicultural and inclusive society

Australia has a long and proud history of welcoming visitors and migrants from all over the world. Whether it be to travel and explore its unique and natural wonders and many landmarks, or to settle permanently and make this their home, Australia is a highly-sought after destination for people from every corner of the globe.

This has, in turn, led to a diverse and culturally rich society, made up of different languages, religions, and cultures all embedded into the community. Australia’s first peoples, the Indigenous Australians, also have a rich culture and history, with multiple native languages and sacred landmarks across Australia for you to learn about and discover.

Australians are friendly and welcoming people, and your campus is a great starting place for you to meet the locals as well as other international students with whom to share your experiences and form lifelong memories and friendships. Living in Australia for an extended temporary period enables you to really embed yourself in the community and get to know the locals, and thus have a truly authentic Australian experience.

Unique landscapes, landmarks and natural wonders

During semester breaks and weekends, you can take the opportunity to explore the beautiful coastline, beaches, parks, flora and wildlife across the country. Vast landscapes and landmark sites are a unique feature of Australia, with many included on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites. There are also countless cultural experiences on offer, with restaurants, cafes, museums, art galleries, live music and entertainment being just some of the exciting things for you to explore and experience.

Efficient and reliable transport make it easy to get around

You will find an expansive network of transport options, with trains, buses, ferries, taxis and trams being the main ways to get around (depending on the State/Territory). Cycling is also becoming more popular, with dedicated cycleways in many areas.

Travelling interstate is also relatively seamless, with buses, trains, ferries and airline options readily available.

Opportunities to work and improve your English

A student visa has the added benefit of allowing you to work in Australia (on a limited basis), which means you can earn extra money to help fund your stay and gain work experience. It can help you to improve your English and is also an opportunity to experience what it is like to work in Australia, if you are thinking about potentially settling in Australia over the longer-term.

Constantine Paxinos is a Registered Migration Agent and Chartered Accountant. He is a director of PAX Migration Australia, a leading, award-winning immigration agency based in Adelaide, South Australia. He has worked closely with international students for the last 5 years and has assisted hundreds of students with graduate and permanent visa pathways and is an active advocate for growing international students.