As your Registered Migration Agents we are able to provide you with ongoing, up to date and accurate information about your post study visa options and your permanent residency pathway.

Visa Assistance for Students & Graduates

Immigration laws change many times each year. Your post study visa pathway may change while you are studying, or while you are on a graduate visa. Our core business is immigration law – we can keep you up to date with all of the rules that apply to international student graduates in Australia. We can guide you on your pathway to permanent residency (if that is something you seek).

Each month our international students receive an immigration newsletter highlighting any changes that have occurred that may impact their post study visa rights. The sorts of things we keep our students updated with are:

  • Occupation lists
  • State sponsorship rules
  • Skills assessment rules
  • English requirements
  • Work experience requirements
  • Graduate visa rules
  • Employer sponsorship rules
  • and much more!

In addition, whenever something happens we will send out a breaking news alert email to all our students, so they can be up to date on the latest visa developments. This gives our students peace of mind that their visa pathways are being looked after by experts.