There are currently two Business Visa types in Australia: the Business Talent visa and the Business Innovation and Investment visa.

The criteria for each visa depends on the stream you choose to apply under. We have summarised the key criteria of each visa for you below:

Business Talent

(132 Visa)

Sig Business HistoryVenture Capital Entrepeneur
State Nomination< 55 Years old unless exceptional economic benefitYou must have total assets of $1.5m You had net assets in a business >$400k in 2 of last 4 years or at least 10% ownership in a business if it is a publicly listed companyBusiness Turnover must be >$3m in 2 of the last 4 yearsOverall sucessful careerGenuine desire to own and maintain management role in a business hereState Nomination< 55 Years old unless exceptional economic benefitMust be able to obtain $1m in venture capital funding

Business Innovation & Investment

(188 – Provisional → 888 Permanent)

Business StreamInvestor StreamSignificant Investor
State Nomination< 55 Years old unless exceptional economic benefitMust achieve 65 pts in the Business Innovation & Investment Points TestMust have had an overall Successful Career Ownership of business with >$500k turnover (2 of 4 years)Net personal + Business Assets > $800kState Nomination<55 Years old unless exceptional economic benefitMust achieve at least 65 pts Business Innovation & Investment Points TestOverall Successful Career Business & Personal assets > $2.25m in 2 of last 4 yeaersInvestment in State bonds of $1.5m> 3 years experience managing a qualifying business or eligibile investmnetsManagement of a bsiness in 1 of last 5 years with 10% shareholding or >$1.5m equity valueState NominationGenuine intention to reside in the stateMust Invest $5m in comp;lying investment 

The hurdle criteria for business and investment visas are quite onerous. Many applicants choose instead to establish a business in Australia and have that business sponsor them as a skilled employee. This will require showing that you have the skills and experience necessary to perform the nominated occupation. In most cases a positive skills assessment is not required.

If you are a business person and wish to migrate to Australia as a business owner, speak with a migration agent to discuss your options.