Migration agent fees are an important consideration in deciding who to appoint as your migration agent. Pay too much and you are out of pocket unnecessarily. Pay too little and you may, at best, cause added stress and anxiety, and delays to your application, and at worst cost yourself the visa which will mean further costs for appeals as well as other concomitant costs and delays (penny wise pound poor).

The Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority publishes bands of average fees from which they collect from samples of migration agents. These bands are quite wide and represent the spectrum of (1) the quality and experience of migration agents and (2) the differing complexity involved in applications even within the same visa class. An experienced, high quality migration agent will charge in the middle to the top of the range, while an inexperienced or lower quality migration agent will (often) charge at the lower end of the range. This is a rule of thumb and there are exceptions to this rule. However be wary of migration agents offering applications at the low end of the range – we know what this generally means – poor quality applications, little to no communication or availability, delays to the application being lodged and errors ranging from the minor to the catastrophic. We know because we see the clients that come from these agents after disaster has struck (usually a refusal or impending refusal of the application).

The differing complexity of applications also mean fees will differ- a student visa for an applicant from a high risk country, with a problematic immigration history will require a great deal more work (arguments, evidence preparation, liaison with the Department and the client) and so the fees will be higher. There is no one size fits all with visa applications – the Department absolutely does treat applications differently based on perceived risk factors, with passport country being one of the key factors. So the work involved will vary based on the risk factors in your case. An experienced migration agent can assess these risk factors and quote accordingly. One of the problems we see from clients that come to us from other migration agents is the other agent has quoted too low a fee not realising the work involved. The agent becomes frustrated as he or she has provided a fixed rate and is losing time and money every additional hour he or she spends and starts to resent the client and the work suffers. When you receive a quote from a migration agent, be careful if the agent has quoted too low – you may find that while this seems attractive at the start, you may find it can lead to very difficult situations later on.

At PAX Migration we have proprietary tools that allow us to assess the risk and work involved in differing types of applications and so our fixed rate quotes are fair for both parties. We don’t overcharge, but we charge fees that allow us to do high quality work each and every time we represent a client.

Book a consultation today to understand exactly what your immigration options are and receive a tailored quote for us to handle your application for you. Take the risk and stress out of immigration – use an experienced and quality migration agent.

Postscript: You may be curious about firms that offer no win no fee guarantees. Please be aware that the agreement you will enter into allows the firm to escape refund should the visa be refused under a variety of scenarios. In our opinion, the guarantee does not offer any value as your visa can still be refused and no refund will occur. Also the guarantee is not offered to all clients. At PAX Migration we offer a guarantee that you will receive the highest quality advocacy and advice, and we are prepared to stand by that guarantee. Just read our reviews and rest assured that as a PAX Migration client you will receive the highest quality service.