Are you looking for some help with your visa application? Do you need advice about the visa options that are available, and which option would be best for you? With so much information available online these days on the topic of migration, it can be a minefield sorting through the good and the bad, correct and incorrect data. How do you know which of this information is correct? And what about its application?

Read on to learn more about why appointing a professional in the industry, like PAX Migration, and how their team of experts can help you to make the best decision for you, based on your personal situation, and improve your chances of getting it right, and thus achieving a successful result the first time.

Immigration Is Complicated

Migration law is not a simple black versus white issue; interpreting and applying the laws and regulations can be complex in certain cases; the way the law is applied to each individual’s circumstances is a crucial element when it comes to getting it right. What a lot of people may not realise is that there is a lot of information which sits behind the ‘surface of the information that is readily available. Immigration policy, Tribunal and judicial case law decisions are just some of the important elements which need to be considered when embarking on this process. Especially if you are looking to apply for visa which involves more complex factors, such as a skilled visa. Conducting a simple search online, therefore, risks missing vital information, and consequently, may lead to a greater chance that your application will be refused.

Even a visitor visa application can be more complicated that people may think; it is the knowledge that sits behind what often appear to be simple concepts that are important to be aware of. Lets take the example of a Subclass 600 Visitor Visa. Being a temporary, short-term visa, you might think ‘how hard can it be?’ The answer is that it can get pretty complex, depending on your personal situation. Given everyone’s circumstances are different, applying what appear to be simple concepts can, in reality, be more complicated than they first appear. For instance, one requirement to qualify for grant of a Subclass 600 visa is to demonstrate that you are a genuine visitor. A similar requirement applies to the Subclass 500 Student Visa application, one for which you need to evidence that you are a genuine temporary entrant.

It is very important to provide detailed supporting evidence that you meet this criterion to qualify for the visa, and understanding exactly what you need to supply, based on your personal situation, is vital to achieving a successful outcome. That’s why it is beneficial to get tailored advice that applies the law to your own individual circumstances, in order to give yourself the best chance of a successful outcome on your application, and therefore avoid a refusal.

What does a visa refusal mean? Lost time and money, and potentially more serious consequences which may affect your visa status in Australia, or your ability to lodge a further application with the Department of Home Affairs (the Department).

Tailored Advice Is Important

As discussed above, there is no shortage of immigration information out there these days. Family, friends and colleagues too may offer advice and suggestions based on what they have experienced if they have gone through the process themselves. But this is exactly where the danger lies in missing crucial information, which can mean the difference between having your visa application granted or refused. As everyone’s circumstances are unique, your friends’ experience may not be the same as yours and applying the one size fits all approach can result in vital requirements being missed, or even simply being unaware of them. The saying which goes ‘you don’t know what you don’t know’ reflects this.

What Is the Process With PAX Migration In Adelaide?

A fundamental aspect of the service which PAX immigration provides is the formulating of tailored advice, especially for you. One of its highly skilled and experienced Registered Migration Agent’s (RMA) will first meet with you for an initial consultation. The purpose of this meeting is fact-finding. Gathering as much information as they can about you and your personal situation is the object of this first stage of the process. They are aiming to learn about your current circumstances, your history and what you are hoping to achieve.

PAX Migration will use the information which you supply to plan a visa pathway, based on your needs, goals and situation. They will work with you, and explain in easy to understand language, what your options are, so that you will be fully informed about your eligibility, the requirements, and the process involved. They will also answer any questions which you may have.

PAX immigration makes it easy to meet with you. You can either meet in person at its offices which are located in the Adelaide CBD, and in Melbourne, or you can speak remotely, whether that be via Skype, telephone or other electric means which suit you.

After your initial consultation, you will be provided with a Service Agreement, which will outline the services that PAX Migration Australia proposes to provide to you, including a fully itemised breakdown of costs. The decision is then up to you as to whether you wish to proceed with their services, or take the information which you have learned, and prepare your own application.

If you decide to proceed with the PAX Migration team, you will receive a comprehensive questionnaire and list of documents to provide, to get the process started. The team will then start compiling your application and ask for more information and/or documents as required. They may also prepare a submission to accompany your application, where they feel further explanation is required to support your application. They will coordinate with other bodies where necessary, such as preparing and applying for a skills assessment for a skilled visa. They will also advise contact details for additional documents which you may need to provide, such as police clearances.

Then, once the application is drafted and ready, you will be sent a copy to review, and approve for lodgement.

When you are happy with the application, PAX Migration Australia will lodge with the Department on your behalf, along with all supporting documents, including any submissions prepared.

The team will communicate with the Department on your behalf post-lodgement, if any issues arise or a Request for Further Information is received, for example. They will be with you every step of the way, from start to finish.

You will then be informed of the Department’s decision once this is received.

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