Migration agent fees are an important consideration in deciding who to appoint as your migration agent. Pay too much and you are out of pocket unnecessarily. Pay too little and you may, at best, cause added stress and anxiety, and delays to your application, and at worst cost yourself the visa which will mean further costs for appeals as well as other associated costs and delays (penny wise pound poor).

It is important to carefully consider the contract (called a service agreement) and the fees that the migration agent proposes to charge you for a migration service. The Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (OMARA) recommends that you talk to different registered migration agents about their services and how much they charge.

In this article, we take a look at the factors you should take into account when considering the migration agent fees that you are prepared to pay when appointing a migration agent to assist you with your migration matter. Keep in mind also that there are a range of other important factors that your should also be mindful of wen deciding who to choose as your migration service provider. Such factors may include having a good rapport with the individual, and their experience. Perhaps your case involves a specialised or niche area of the migration law and you need a professional who possesses such skills, in which case you might expect to pay a higher fee for the service.

Therefore, a range of factors may come into play if you are considering appointing a migration agent to assist you with your case, not just the migration agent fees that they propose to charge. You will need to consider all the factors that are important to you and weigh up what is most important when choosing a migration agent. If you find a migration agent who you think is a great match but their proposed immigration agent fees Australia are too high, discuss this with them. Understanding their reasons for charging the migration agent fees Australia that they propose will make it easier for you to determine whether this this reasonable, or whether you should consider getting another opinion. Remember, there are plentiful offerings when it comes to choosing a migration agent, if you find that one does not meet your needs and expectations, including their immigration agent fees Australia, you can search for another, until you find the right one for you.

Expect A Wide Spectrum Of Migration Agent Fees

Like any other professional service offering, registered migration agent may charge within a wide range, representing the spectrum of:

  1. the quality and experience of the migration agent; and
  2. the differing complexity involved in applications even within the same visa class.

An experienced, high quality migration agent will charge migration agent fees Australia in the middle to the top of the range, while an inexperienced or lower quality migration agent will (often) charge immigration agent fees Australia at the lower end of the range. This is a rule of thumb and there are exceptions to this rule. However be wary of migration agents offering applications at the low end of the range of migration agent costs – we know what this generally means – poor quality applications, little to no communication or availability, delays to the application being lodged and errors ranging from the minor to the catastrophic. We know because we see the clients that come from these agents after disaster has struck (usually a refusal or impending refusal of the application).

The differing complexity of applications also means migration agent fees Australia will differ. To illustrate, a student visa for an applicant from a high risk country, with a problematic immigration history will require a great deal more work (arguments, evidence preparation, liaison with the Department and the client) and so the immigration agent fees Australia will be higher. There is no one size fits all with visa applications – the Department absolutely does treat applications differently based on perceived risk factors, with passport country being one of the key factors. So the work involved will vary based on the risk factors in your case. An experienced migration agent can assess these risk factors and quote their migration agent costs accordingly.

Low Fees May Be Too Good To Be True

One of the problems we see from clients that come to us from other migration agents is the other agent has quoted too low a migration agent fee, not realising the work involved. The agent becomes frustrated as he or she has provided a fixed rate and is losing time and money with each additional hour he or she spends and starts to resent the client and the work suffers. When you receive a quote for migration agent costs from a migration agent, be careful if the agent has quoted too low – you may find that while this seems attractive at the start, you may find it can lead to very difficult situations later on.

Why You Should Consider PAX Migration Australia

At PAX Migration, we have proprietary tools that allow us to assess the risk and work involved in differing types of applications and so our fixed rate quotes are fair for both parties. We don’t overcharge, but we charge migration agent fees Australia that allow us to do high quality work each and every time we represent a client.

Book a consultation today to understand exactly what your immigration options are and receive a tailored quote for migration agent costs for us to handle your application for you. Take the risk and stress out of immigration – use an experienced and quality migration agent.

How About ‘No Win No Fee Guarantees’?

Postscript: You may be curious about firms that offer no win no fee guarantees. Please be aware that entering into such an agreement allows the firm to escape refund should the visa be refused under a variety of scenarios. In our opinion, the guarantee does not offer any value as your visa can still be refused and no refund will occur. Also the guarantee is not offered to all clients. At PAX Migration we offer a guarantee that you will receive the highest quality advocacy and advice, and we are prepared to stand by that guarantee. Just read our reviews and rest assured that as a PAX Migration client, you will receive the highest quality service.

So How Do You Choose A Migration Agent?

What Do You Need Help With?

First up, decide what kind of help you need. Registered migration agents can provide advice about different visa options, lodge a visa application on your behalf, and apply to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) if you are seeking a review (or appeal) of a visa decision.

Is The Individual Registered?

It is very important when choosing a migration agent that you make sure they are a registered migration agent with OMARA. You can do this by checking the Register of migration agents.

Has The Individual Been Disciplined by OMARA?

If a migration agent has engaged in serious misconduct, OMARA may discipline them. This can take the form of a caution, suspension or cancellation of their registration, or being barred from being registered for a period of up to five years. You can check the list of disciplinary decisions by OMARA.

Is The Migration Agent The Right Fit For You?

Here you should consider the skills and experience of the migration agent and if they can help with your specific migration matter. So you should ask questions about:

  • their experience with the type of visa you would like to apply for;
  • the steps they will take to help you;
  • their advice on how likely it is that you will get a visa;
  • their advice on why they think you are or are not likely to get a visa.

Contract And Fees

Next up, consider the service agreement and migration agent fees Australia that they propose to charge you for the migration service.

Service Agreement

Before a registered migration agent can commence any work for you, they must issue you with a written service agreement. Both you and the registered migration agent must sign the contract before the work can commence.

Once you receive the contract, ensure that you check that it includes the following:

  • your name, date of birth and contact details
  • the services that the registered migration agent will do for you
  • other costs such as visa application charges, police clearances, medical examinations and skills assessments
  • when and how you are to pay the registered migration agent
  • the time it is likely to take to perform the services

If the registered migration agent’s fees seem too high, discuss this with them before you sign the contract. Once they set out their reasons for charging the immigration agent fees Australia that they propose, you can make an assessment of whether this is reasonable or not.

It is also essential to ensure that you have read and fully understand the service agreement before you sign it. Keep a copy of the contract signed by both you and the registered migration agent in your records.

Why Might Migration Agent Fees Australia Vary?

As discussed earlier in this article, there are a range of factors that can determine what a migration agent charges you for their services. Immigration agent fees Australia may depend of factors such as:

  • the type of visa you are applying for
  • the amount of time it will take to prepare your visa application
  • the services that you require
  • whether you need additional assistance
  • whether you have a complex case (for example, if you are including dependent family members in your application)
  • the registered migration agent’s experience

Your registered migration agent’s fees must be fair and reasonable. There also also rules governing migration agent fees in the Code of Conduct for registered migration agents.

Although most migration agents will charge you a fee for performing their service, some registered migration agents work for not for profit organisations that do not charge a fee for their services (these are referred to as non-commercial organisations). They provide services to individuals who meet certain conditons only.


It is generally standard practice for a registered migration agent to conduct an initial meeting with you as a first step. This is referred to as an initial consultation, and may be in person or by telephone or video call. The purpose of an initial consultation is to learn about you and your situation. The migration agent will ask you a series of questions to assess your visa options and what you are seeking to achieve in Australia.

The registered migration agent will give you general information and also answer any questions that you may haves. Some registered migration agents offer a free initial consultation, whille others charge a fee.

A service agreement is not required for an initial consultation.

Payment To Your Migration Agent

Your contract will set out details about when and how you need to pay your migration agent for their services. You may need to make payment either:

  • before the registered migration agent commences work;
  • after the agent has completed work on your visa application; or
  • when there are changes to your fees.

PAX Migration Fees

Consultation Fee

Our fee for an initial consultation is $330.00. Here we will provide you with the following:

  • a clear explanation of the visa criteria including any relevant policy or case law
  • identify and map your important milestones and dates
  • guidance on how long the whole process will take
  • a fixed quote for all costs involved
  • understanding of the evidence required for your application

The consultation fee is always credited against any visa application fee.

Visa Application Case Management Fee

At PAX Migration Australia, we are committed to providing value to our clients every step of the way. Therefore, we have committed to all of our professional fees being within the average industry fee range. In fact most of our fees fall within the lower part of these ranges, just call us for a quick quote!

While our fees can vary depending on the complexity of each case, we will always provide you with a full quote at your consultation. We can also provide a reasonably reliable quote prior to your consultation so you know what fees are in store well in advance of beginning your relationship with us.

For each visa application we always:

  • Identify all required documents for visa application and grant
  • Ensure that each document meets the standard demanded by the Australian Government
  • Analyse the law and policy to provide you with advice on the legal complexities applicable to your case
  • Assist with completion of forms so that you don’t waste time filling a multiple or unnecessary form
  • Lodge and monitor your application with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection
  • Ensure that your application follows the right procedure required by Australian law
  • Present your case to the Australian Government persuasively through written and oral submissions
  • Answer any questions you may have throughout the process

Get More Information

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In conclusion, the above discussion outlines what you should consider when choosing a migration agent to assist you with your migration matter. More specifically, we have delved into migration agent fees Australia and the types of factors that can deternine what a migration agent costs may be.

Australia’s migration laws are complex, and each case is different. We recommend that you seek professional advice before you proceed with applying for any visa to Australia, as being fully informed about the process and requirements that apply will give you the best chance of achieving a successful outcome.

Several terms are defined in the migration provisions. It is vital to have a good understanding of these terms and how they apply in practice. Detailed advice about these is beyond the scope of this article and we would therefore recommend that you seek further information in this regard.

For up to date advice on applying for a visa to Australia, book your confidential consultation with a migration agent in Adelaide. PAX Migration Australia is a leading immigration advice service based in Adelaide. Contact us for a no obligation discussion on how we may be able to assist you to achieve your migration goals in Australia.


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