If there are hurdles to your application being approved or if you have received a notice from the Department, we can prepare your submission for you.

Waiver & Other Submissions

Scattered throughout Australian Immigration Law and Policy are opportunities to bypass particular requirements by applying for a waiver. This waiver can be sought for a variety of reasons. We will prepare your written waiver submission on your behalf including all accompanying documents to ensure your chances of success are the highest they can be.

Waiver may be required for issues like:

  • Health Criteria
  • Character Criteria
  • Financial requirements for certain types of visas
  • No Further Stay Conditions
  • Fraud/Misleading documents
  • Application of a visa condition
  • Overstaying a visa
  • Length of time Resident in Australia
  • If you had a visa cancelled in the past
  • Length of time in a de facto relationship

Also you may need a submission in response to a cancellation notice:

  • s109 Cancellation Notice
  • s116 Cancellation Notice
  • s128 Cancellation Notice
  • s137Q Cancellation Notice
  • s501 Cancellation Notice

When we prepare a submission we will gather all the facts and evidence from you that best represents your circumstances.

We will then prepare a written submission that argues  your case to give you the best opportunity for approval.


Our Fees

Consultation Fee 

Our fee for a consultation is $190.00. In exchange for this fee, we will:

  • Explain your eligibility for a waiver or your options to respond to a cancellation notice
  • Identify key arguments for your case
  • Provide you with an indication of the likely Department response
  • Identify strategy for dealing with a negative response from the Department
  • Provide guidance on the process 
  • Explain the costs involved
  • Explain what type of evidence will be required

The consultation fee is always credited against any waiver or written response preparation fee.


Waiver / Written Response Fee 

Since our fees will vary depending on the complexity of each case we will always provide you with a full quote at your consultation. We can also provide a reasonably reliable quote prior to your consultation so you know what fees are in store well in advance of beginning your relationship with us. Our response fees start at $950.