Did you know that once you lodge your application the case officer can refuse at any time? Sounds unfair right?

The only time case officers are required to provide you with a ‘warning’ that they may refuse is when they have information specifically about you and that information was not provided to the Department by you. (ie. it came from someone else)

Therefore, if the case officer is simply deciding on the basis of information (or lack of) that you have provided in your application, he or she can refuse at any time.


The consequences of a visa refusal can be:

  • Loss of the application charges that you have paid (these are not refundable)
  • Barred from making a further application for a visa onshore (if you don’t hold another visa)
  • Difficulty in obtaining approval for future applications (refusals are included in your ‘record’)


So, when applying for a visa, make sure you provide as much information as possible to assist the case officer to make a decision in your favour.


As Registered Migration Agents, we have the experience and knowledge of the law to know exactly what needs to be provided to ensure an approval. Talk to us about how we may be able to assist you in your visa application.