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Who Are We And How Can We Help You?

We are an experienced Australian migration agent firm based in Adelaide, Australia, founded by Christina Katsouri-Paxinos. In establishing the company, she was primarily focused on helping two types of clients: migrants to Australia, and employers, to enable them to fill skill shortages by hiring overseas workers.

We assist with all visa types, except for humanitarian visas, and have experience and specialised expertise in employer sponsorship, state sponsorship, partner visas, other family visas, appeals, and business visas, among others.

We service clients all around the world, whether that be locally in Adelaide, South Australia, other states, and territories across Australia, or offshore. Distance is no barrier these days when it comes to migration agent Glen Osmond assisting clients in achieving their migration goals. Communication, whether that be face-to-face, via video call or email are just some of the ways in which we can connect with people. Regardless of where you are in the world, you will receive the same level of high quality service which we are renowned for; efficient, professional and friendly service always on hand when you need us, through a mode of communication which is most convenient for you, at a time that suits you.

And to ensure our technical skills are at the highest level, we invest heavily in professional development, which is a key focus of ours. Immigration agent Glen Osmond are committed to best practice ethics and technical excellence.

We consider ourselves leaders in the Migration profession.

Learn more about our highly skilled team, including our skills, qualifications and experience, practice areas, professional memberships and what motivates us to achieve results for our clients.

Why Else Should You Choose PAX Migration Australia?

We Save You Time And Money

We use our knowledge and experience to advise you of the best strategy right from the start, which means no wasting of time or money lodging multiple visa applications if you make a mistake or apply for the wrong visa subclass. From the beginning, we will identify any potential issues which may arise and will formulate a strategy which addresses any pitfalls. We are always thinking ahead and concentrate on how to avoid problems arising and come up with solutions rather than dealing with them later once identified by the Department of Home Affairs (the Department). We are proactive in how we operate.

This is important because apart from saving you time and money by avoiding the need to re-apply and correct past errors, making even a simple mistake in your application can have serious consequences and affect your ability to be granted a visa to Australia. It means you could be subject to an exclusion period, which may delay a further visa being granted to you for up to 10 years in some instances. And in the most serious cases, a re-entry ban may apply, meaning permanent exclusion from Australia.

Get it right the first time with PAX Migration Australia and, as our website headline reads, Take the pain out of Australian immigration!

We Lodge ‘Decision Ready’ Applications

This means all applications lodged by PAX Migration Australia are complete, and ready for a decision to be made by the Department. This reduces the chance of any delays in processing, as the Department will have what it needs to decide the outcome.

In some circumstances, the Department may still seek further information and/or documents, to which we will respond in a timely manner and address any concerns or issues arising. Such instances should be minimal given our focus on pre-empting problems, but in rare situations, they may still arise. The important thing is in how we respond, which is quickly and ensuring that any such issues are addressed.

We treat each application with 100% attention; this means a dedicated migration agent Glen Osmond working on your case from start to finish, and no delays due to your immigration agent Glen Osmond.

We Identify Opportunities And Foresee Problems

Having our level of experience means we can often see things that other cannot. We can see opportunities that may be hidden or are not immediately obvious to others, and in the process, we solve problems and reduce stress. We use our knowledge and expertise to build you a roadmap to get to where you want to go, and to achieve your migration goals and needs. We listen carefully to you and what you want; after all, you are the very reason that we are here doing what we do: to help our clients achieve what they want.

Sometimes, the path to where you ultimately want to get to may be a long, and even bumpy one. Other times, it can be quick and smooth. The nature of migration law means it is ever changing, as governments respond to prevailing market and economic conditions, and policy making priorities. This requires keeping abreast of the latest developments and adjusting plans as, and when required.

Each case is different and regardless of where you find yourself on this journey, we identify (and adjust, as needed) strategies to help make it happen. We also ensure that you have a good understanding of what the potential benefits and disadvantages of any such options may be, so that you are fully informed when making a decision.

We Are Always Here To Assist

We are a committed and dependable partner on this journey with you and are always available to answer your questions and any concerns that you may have. Our personalised service doesn’t just end once your visa application is lodged; we remain with you well beyond this time, as we monitor the progress of application processing by the Department, respond to any requests for further information, and as the case requires, continue to work with you to provide information and/or documents to the Department after application lodgement (as applies to Partner Visas, for example).

Even once a decision is made on your application, we are there with you, whether that be to continue with your strategy and progressing onto the next application according to your visa roadmap, or to help you to prepare an appeal should the decision be an unsuccessful one and the application be refused. We are with you.

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