Are you interested in finding out more information about sponsoring foreign workers for a skilled visa for your business? If you are experiencing issues in finding appropriately skilled Australian labour in the local employment market, you may be eligible to sponsor workers from overseas to fill critical shortages in your business.

And the good news is that migration agent Semaphore can help.

With Australia having one of the most complex visa systems in the world, seeking assistance from an expert immigration agent Semaphore can be beneficial for many businesses who do not have the knowledge, skills and/or experience (and time!) to be across all of the information that is important to know when dealing with migration law. Speaking with a migration expert like PAX Migration Australia means you will receive tailored advice and information for your business, so that you are well equipped to make a decision on the best way to proceed, and thus improve your chances of achieving a successful outcome on your application.

Not seeking help from someone ‘in the know’ and instead doing it on your own risks the chance that you miss something important, which may mean the difference between a grant and refusal of your application. Having to re-do an application also results in wasted time and money, which means it will take longer to reach the outcome you are after. Delays in being able to access appropriately skilled staff affects your business’ ability to perform most effectively, which can be critical to the success of your operations. Avoid any such issues arising by getting it right the first time, and getting on with business.

Consider this: as a business, you are claiming to be competent and indeed, excel in a particular skill set, which you are selling to the public.

The same is true of migration agent Semaphore. Our agents are trained and experienced in migration law and we offer our services to people and businesses in need, just like yourself, to help get you the best outcome.

And if you decide not to go all the way and engage the services of a migration professional like immigration agent Semaphore, you may at least like to consider having an initial consultation with PAX Migration Australia, so that you can be fully informed about the process, and, armed with this important information, take it from there on your own behalf. You decide how far to take it; we will work with you to meet your needs.

A Registered Migration Agent has in-depth knowledge of the Australian Immigration laws and policy. So why not give yourself peace of mind and talk us before embarking on what can often be a complicated and stressful experience. Take the pain our of migration by speaking with us; as we say, ‘migration is our business.’

Read on to find out more about how we can help.

Why Use Us?

Sponsorship Made Easy

For a start, sponsorship and nomination applications are not straightforward. For instance, did you know that the application involves a multi-stage process? Also, there are a few types to choose from, so you don’t want to be caught out by applying for the wrong type for your business.

Additionally, technical legal knowledge is key to putting together a sponsorship application which minimises the chance of a refusal. So why leave it to chance? Get an expert on board to handle it so you can get on with your business without delay. You have more important things to do in the running of your business rather than spending time on other matters like migration. Focus on the things you are good at and leave the rest to other professionals like us to partner with you in helping you to run your business as effectively as you can.

Know Your Obligations

It is also important to be aware that being an employer sponsor means you will be subject to prescribed obligations to the Department of Home Affairs (the Department). The penalties for breaching these obligations can be severe.

We know what you need to do to satisfy the immigration law requirements and can help you to set up business practices to ensure you will meet your obligations.

We Understand Business

A lot of the interaction with immigration law for employers revolves around accounting and commercial issues.

We will act on your behalf when dealing with the Department. Our commercial expertise makes us well placed to represent your business in this regard.

Expert Labour Agreement Submissions

Labour Agreements require skill to construct a package that demonstrates to the Department your business needs for skilled migrants.

Our commercial and negotiating expertise enables us to prepare exceptional submissions for our business clients.

Is There Anything Else You Should Know

We do more than just handle your sponsorship and nomination applications. From the employee’s end, they also need to lodge a separate visa application, which we help with too.

Not only that but we can also assist with appeal and compliance matters too; we offer a full service to our clients, so that you can focus on the important things, like running your business.

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