From 1st July 2017, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection has plans to introduce stricter sponsorship requirements to the current Partner visa program.

Sponsors of Partner visa applicants will be required to lodge and have approved a compulsory Sponsorship application.  The new sponsorship application is intended to include a stricter sponsor approval process, with the exact requirements are expected to be announced 1st July 2017.


What does this mean for me?

  • New Sponsorship Application to be approved prior to lodging Partner Visa
  • New Character requirements for all sponsors (police Clearances/Criminal history checks)
  • Detailed information on Immigration history
  • Financial information confirming ability to support the partner and any dependent children
  • Additional checks, sponsorship obligations and enforceable measures to be introduced


How does this affect onshore applications?

Applicants will need to be mindful of current visa expires and processing times took to obtain a Sponsorship approval prior to being eligible to lodge a Partner Visa application.  The process of your Partner visa may become far lengthier before an application can be made.


Our advice

Plan your application well in advance to give you time for additional steps. This will avoid unnecessary visa refusals and costly Tribunal appeals due to applying for a partner visa after the expiry of a previous visa.


Don’t be a victim of changes – contact PAX Migration Australia now to discuss your circumstances and take advantage of the existing regulations lodging your application as soon as possible.

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