A General Skilled Migration (GSM) Visa is an available option to migrants who are skilled workers but are not employer-sponsored. There are two main criteria for prospective applicants under the GSM rules:

1. that your occupation be listed on the CSOL (if state-sponsored) or SOL (if not state- sponsored)

2.that you are able to satisfy a points requirement

There is no doubt that the most difficult hurdle are the points.

For most occupations, there is a requirement that you must score a minimum of 60 points. However, in recent years there has been a major uptrend in many occupations that has seen a drastic rise in competition. Quite simply, for the many occupations, the 60-point threshold will not be enough to guarantee an invitation to apply for a visa.

This is why, as registered migration agents, we recommend to all of our clients to position themselves for a big points score. In this article we want to share how you can easily score valuable points towards your points test.

So, what are the easiest points?

You do receive for points depending on your age, depending on your English competence score and also from a wide range of circumstances. However, if you are able to work or study in a regional area like South Australia, you will receive a valuable five points to add towards your points target.

Yes, it is as simple going regional!

We understand that 5 points may not be as attractive as the 20 points you can score based on your English competency results, or the 10 points you can receive as a result of your age. But it is clear that scoring 5 points for living in a certain area is the easiest points you will score.

But isn’t there a catch? Don’t I have to live in rural Australia?

It is understandable when reading this article to equate a ‘regional area’ to be in a country town. However, this is not necessarily true. Many of our clients from Perth and South Australia enjoy these 5 points, and an additional benefit is that they are living in a major city!

And this is why they are the easiest points:

You can be awarded points for living in a MAJOR CITY within Australia!

Now that applying for GSM and receiving an invitation to SkillSelect has never been more competitive, the importance of securing every single point that you are able to can not be underestimated. The bottom line is that these 5 points can be the most valuable points you score, as they may certainly be the 5 points that secure your successful visa application!

So don’t miss out on the easiest points for your points test. In fact, don’t miss out any points for your points test. Call and speak with a migration agent at PAX Migration so we can chat with you about all the points that are on offer for you. it might just be the best thing for your GSM visa application!