Migration. If you’ve had any experience with this area before, you will probably be familiar with just how complex, confusing, and sometimes stressful, it can be. Depending on the type of visa you are applying for, it can be a minefield trying to make sense of how it all works and fits together. An online search will bring up no shortage of information, but how much of this is actually correct? How can you tell if its accurate and up-to-date? And its all well and good reading about general information, but how does it fit to your circumstances?

Each individual situation is so different, and questions can arise in relation to individual requirements, like for example, when applying for a skilled visa, what constitutes full-time employment? How many hours would meet this threshold? What type of work can you include? And are the requirements the same for each skilled visa? These are just some of the questions which may come up, and this is only one visa requirement! Think how many other requirements you need to meet, and things can get very tricky indeed!

Why Should You Consider Speaking With An Expert?

So, its good to know that help is at hand. Migration agent Mile End is only a phone call away. The team of expert migration agents at PAX Migration Australia will carefully listen to your circumstances and the migration goals you hope to achieve, and match these with the visa options available, to formulate a strategy or visa pathway to get you to where you want to go. Importantly, you need a plan when dealing with migration, especially if you are seeking permanent residency in Australia as sometimes, it can take a couple of steps to reach your ultimate goal.

In some cases, applicants may qualify for a permanent residence visa in the first instance, however often times, people may start with a Student or Working Holiday Maker Visa, and progress to a temporary Skilled visa, or perhaps a provisional Partner visa, before ultimately reaching permanent residence in Australia. Everyone’s journey is different, which is why it is important to tailor a plan to fit with your own personal situation. Following what someone else is doing is likely not to get you very far, which is why speaking to an expert immigration agent Mile End such as PAX Migration Agent will set you on a path that is in line with your own personal situation, and gets you to your destination as effectively and efficiently as possible.

You may have had a negative outcome with a visa application which you have previously lodged. PAX Migration Australia can help you with an appeal if you are eligible. Or if your visa has been cancelled, we can also help. Our specialist migration agent handles visa appeals at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal. We also prepare appeals directly to the Minister personally.

Who Should You Choose To Help You?

It can be hard to know exactly who to turn to for help. Bringing that internet search up again, you’ll find no shortage of migration agent Mile End firms offering their services. How do you pick the best one for you? Apart from a personal recommendation, how else are you to decide who to go with? You want the best quality service, top technical knowledge and experience, and don’t forget, nice people too! After all, you will likely be working with these people for an extended period (especially if you are looking at a longer-term plan), so you want someone who is personal, friendly, and available and willing to offer support and advice whenever you need. Going through the migration process can be stressful and sometimes distressing, especially if you’ve had a bad outcome and feel like you’ve reached the end of your journey before you had achieved your goals. Having a migration agent Mile End who is responsive and reliable is therefore pretty important when looking at attributes that are important when selecting an immigration agent Mile End to assist you with your migration matter.

Why Choose PAX Migration Australia?

We have written extensively on why we think you should contact us to at least get a taste of what we have to offer. If it’s a high quality of service you are after, extensive training, skills and experience, reasonable prices which are fully transparent, a process which has been set-up to make it as easy as possible for you, and a lovely team of people who are always on hand to offer support and counsel if you have any questions or concerns, than you’ll find that, and more, right here at PAX Migration Australia.

Because we know exactly what you are going through. Our team of registered migration agents have been in the industry for many years, with various areas of specialisation and an intimate knowledge of how the requirements work. And we’ll always be honest and up-front with you. We don’t sell false hope; you will receive an honest appraisal of what you really can hope to achieve based on your individual circumstances. And if we can’t help you, we will say so, such is if we recommend more specialist advice or legal assistance. We are here for you and aim to make this process and simple and smooth as possible.

Having said that, you will be kept informed every step of the way, because we are partners in this journey with you, and at all times you remain in the drivers seat. We move when you tell us too, and we will always seek your review and approval before we submit anything to third parties. After all, this is your case, we are here to perform the processing of the application, based on the current legislation. You remain in control.

Personal Experience

And another thing, many of our team members have had a personal experience with migration, whether that be because they themselves have migrated to Australia, or someone in their family has; like Avelyn Chen, who herself has immigrated twice, first from China, she moved with her family to Singapore, before later settling in Australia.

Or Rosanna Nemirovsky, whose entire family migrated to Australia as refugees in the late 1970’s from the former USSR. She is the first member of her family to have been born in Australia. She understands the challenge involved, having heard personal accounts from her family about their journey and just how hard it can be.

Grant Frankcombe too has had a personal experience in this area, having lived and worked in the Netherlands for ten years and the experiences of living abroad and moving back to Australia with a young family have given him many insights into the migration process and the emotive side of starting a new life overseas.

You can learn more about our team of experts and their biographies in Migration Agent Hindmarsh.

These sorts of experiences give our team a unique insight into what our own clients are experiencing. Having that added understanding only adds to the service experience for our clients.

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