Are you looking for a local migration agent in Adelaide? An organisation of migration agent Port Adelaide experts with specialist expert knowledge as it applies to South Australia? Although PAX Migration Australia assists their clients on migration matters Australia-wide as well as to clients located offshore, they have the added benefit of being uniquely placed to provide advice on issues as they relate specifically to the locality of South Australia, with their local knowledge and interest in the area.

How Can PAX Migration Australia Help?

We can assist and advise on all visa types (except for humanitarian visas). Our team of registered migration agents have experience and specialised expertise in a wide range of areas including employer sponsorship, state sponsorship, partner visas, other family visas, appeals and business visas.

As part of our service, we promise to do everything in our power to achieve the result you want. And we will always strive to ensure that you receive excellent value for our services.

What Services Does PAX Migration Australia Offer?

Immigration Agent Port Adelaide offers visa services, visa appeals, employer sponsorship and international student services.

Visa Services

We prepare visa applications on behalf of our clients. Our experienced migration agents know how to lodge complete applications that give you the best chance of obtaining your visa without delays. We make sure all applications lodged are complete and correct, and include all relevant documents that are required so that the Department of Home Affairs (the Department) has all the information it needs to make a decision on your application.

We address any issues head-on; being proactive means there are less chances that the Department will need to ask further questions or request additional documents. Indeed, the absence of such information can result in an automatic refusal if the Department is not satisfied with the information provided, as it is under no obligation to follow-up on missing information or documents. It can simply make a decision on the information which has been provided.

Our extensive training and experience mean we know the in’s and out’s of the process, and ensure that all applications that we lodge have the best chance of resulting in a favourable outcome for our clients. Although no result can ever be guaranteed, our skills and knowledge in migration enable us to prepare applications to the highest possible standard, thus avoiding the need for the Department to ask questions. We try to make it as easy as possible for them to make a decision.

Visa Appeals

If you have had an application refused or a visa cancelled, we can help. Our specialist migration agent handles visa appeals at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT). We also prepare appeals directly to the Minister personally by applying for Ministerial Intervention.

Although receiving a negative outcome on a visa application can be distressing for many people, there may be further options to pursue, and we are well-equipped to guide you through this process. Similarly, for visa cancellations, there may be things you can do to address this. Talk through your options with us to see what’s possible.

Employer Sponsorship

If you currently employ, or you would like to hire overseas workers in in your business, we can take care of your sponsorship and compliance obligations. We can also prepare Labour Agreement submissions for your business.

We prepare employer sponsorship applications and offer comprehensive support for employers who seek to nominate or sponsor a non-citizen.

If your business sponsorship has been refused or cancelled, we can represent your business at the AAT.

The Department has wide reaching inspection powers. We can assist you by providing compliance advice.

International Students

Are you currently studying, or would you like to study in Australia? We provide ongoing support for international students in Adelaide, South Australia.

As your registered migration agents, migration agent Port Adelaide are able to provide you with ongoing support, including up to date and accurate information about your post study visa options and your permanent residency pathway.

We can also provide you with up to date and accurate information about permanent residence possibilities for each course.

We provide enrolment and course offer advice and support, including preparing your applications to institutions and helping you to decide from the offers received.

Our services also extend to helping you to find employment in Australia, including resume preparation, cover letter templates, interview preparation, access to our list of employers, and introductions to employers.

And we help you to adjust to your new life in Australia as a student by providing arrival support. Student accommodation, airport reception and banking and communications can all be arranged to help make your arrival as simple and smooth as possible.

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